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Broadstairs, Kent

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Baptist Church at St. Peters in Thanet. 179 TR 380 684. Dave Westrap. Link.

Elim Pentecostal Church on Ranelagh Grove. Alan Taylor.

Our Lady Star of the Sea (R.C.) dates from 1888. From an old postcard, Geoff Watt's Collection. A modern view. Dave Westrap. 179 TR 387 680. Thanks also to Dave for supplying the church name, and the following Link.

Holy Trinity (1829). 178 TR 398 680. From an old postcard, Steve Bulman's Collection. Dave Westrap advises that the tower (built 1862) was demolished in 1924. Two modern views 1, 2, both Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2. Link3.

Queens Road Baptist Church, dating from 1907. The adjacent hall, previously a school, dates from 1899, and was probably the church prior to the construction of the present church. Both Dave Westrap. 179 TR 395 677. Link.

The former St. Mary, and a plaque giving a brief history (Bradstow is the old name for Broadstairs). 179 TR 398 679. Both Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

St. Peter. 179 TR 380 684. Dave Westrap. Also known as St. Peter-in-Thanet, this engraving was previously in the "Unknown" section. Thanks to Thomas Curtis who identified it. Engraving from the Colin Waters Collection. An old postcard view, from John Bowdler's Collection. Mark Dyer has advised that this is the church where the former U.K. Prime Minister Edward Heath used to practice the organ. Link.




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