The Churches of Britain and Ireland


Briton Ferry, Neath                      

Briton Ferry on Wikipedia.

All photos Jim Parker.

Bethesda Church at Cwrt Sart (Welsh Independent).

The former Bethesda Chapel (Welsh Independent) on Church Street, now a fitness centre.

Christian Centre on Graig Road was formerly a Wesleyan Methodist Church. Another view. Link.

Church of St. Clement of Rome (CiW) on Neath Road. Another view.

The Gilgal Christian Fellowship on Thomas Street. Link.

The former Hoo Street Independent Chapel, on Hoo Street, now used as a school room.

Jerusalem English Baptist Chapel on Neath Road. Link.

Our Lady of the Assumption (R.C.) on Neath Road.

The former Primitive Methodist Church on Neath Road, now a theatrical company.

Rehoboth Baptist Chapel on Neath Road.

The former St. John's Christian Spiritualist Church on Giant's Grave Road is currently (early 2009) up for auction.

St. Mary the Virgin (CiW) on George's Row.

The former St. Thomas on Cwrt Sart, now a chapel of rest.

The former Salem Baptist Chapel (disused) on Vernon Street.

Y Graig Chapel (Presbyterian Church of Wales) on Ynysmaerdy Road.

Ynysmaerdy Cemetery Chapel, on Ynysmaerdy Road.

The former Zoar Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist) on Giant's Grave Road, now flats.






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