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Boston, Lincolnshire

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Boston Christian Fellowship (Assemblies of God) on Station Street and Tower Street. TF 324 441. Howard's study of old maps show that this was built after 1889, and before 1905. In 1968-71 it's a "store", so evidently came into its present use after then. Perhaps originally built as a church (unless the cross is a later addition), it's unlikely to have been Primitive Methodist, as there was a P.M. Chapel nearby. Howard Richter (2011). Link.

Centenary Methodist Church on Red Lion Street. Originally built in 1839, it suffered severe damage in a fire in 1909, and was effectively re-built in 1910 (but see the final link for surviving features from the earlier church). Interior view, the font, and an attractive coloured glass window. TF 328 444. All Chris Stafford (2012). Link. Grade II* listed.

The former Congregational Chapel on Grove Street. Another view. Previously Independent, references Howard has been able to find have contradictory suggestions for the building date, though it must have been within a few years prior to 1820, when galleries were added, and probably no earlier than 1815, the earliest date mentioned. It seems to have closed in about 1944, when a list of ministers ends. Certainly its registration as a place of worship was cancelled in 1956. There are inaccurate references on the web to this chapel having been demolished in the 1970's. This may be because of confusion with the factional splinter from the congregation, which built the Red Lion Street Congregational Church in 1850 (link). Now a car park, the church closed "by 1972", and was demolished subsequent to 1974, when it still shows on an edition of the OS map. TF 332 443. Both Howard Richter (2011). Link.

Holy Trinity. TF 333 447. Michael Bourne.

Hospital Bridge Methodist Church. TF 330 448. Michael Bourne.

Former Methodist Chapel. TF 326 443. Michael Bourne.

St. Christopher at Fenside. TF 315 446. Michael Bourne.

St. Mary (R.C.). TF 330 448. Michael Bourne.

St. Botolph, the "Boston Stump", on Wormgate. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view, Jim Parker. One of St. Botolph's windows, Lyn Child.
Interior view, the High Altar, Cotton Chapel, and the Cotton Chapel screen, all John Balaam (2009). Another view, Alex Parker. Link.

St. Nicholas at Skirbeck. TF 337 431. Michael Bourne. Another view, Chris Stafford (2015). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Thomas. TF 324 426. Michael Bourne.

Trinity Street Gospel Hall. TF 323 440. Michael Bourne.

Zion Methodist Church. TF 316 441. Michael Bourne.

Unitarian Chapel. TF 329 439. Michael Bourne. Link.






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