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Bo'ness, West Lothian

Bo'ness on Wikipedia.

All photos Jim Parker (2016).

Bo'ness Apostolic Church on Stewart Avenue.

Bo'ness Baptist Church on Boundary Street. Link.

Bo'ness Old Kirk (CoS) on Panbrae Road. Another view. Link.

Carriden Parish Church (1909, CoS) on Carriden Brae. Another view. Although roofless, Carriden Old Parish Church (1766) survives, also on Carriden Brae. Link.

Carriden Parish Church Mission Hall on Cowdenhill Road is the former Grangepans Church. Link1. Link2.

Craigmalen United Free Church on Braehead. Link.

Holy Guardian Angels Church (R.C.) on Gauze Court.

The former Kinneil and Borrowstounness Parish Church on Corbiehall. Another view. This was sold to the Episcopal Church in the 1920's, and it later became the Star Cinema until the 1960's. Link (see the 1926 entry).

St. Andrew (CoS) on Grahamsdyke Avenue. Another view. Link.

St. Catherine's Episcopal Church on Cadzow Crescent. Two further views - 1, 2. Link.

St. Mary of the Assumption (R.C.) on Linlithgow Road. Another view. Link.

The former St. Mary (R.C.) on Providence Brae. Another view. According to this link, this is also the former United Presbyterian Church.

Salvation Army Hall on Corbiehall. Link.








13 October 2023

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