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Bexleyheath, Greater London

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Bethany Hall on North Road. Alan Taylor.

Bexleyheath Cemetery Chapel. TQ 487 754. Dave Westrap. Link.

Bexleyheath Methodist Church. TQ 486 753. Dave Westrap. Link.

Brethren's Meeting Room (Plymouth Brethren, originally Bethany Hall (Methodist)). TQ 484 752. Dave Westrap. Link - follow "Religion".

Christchurch (Anglican, ca. 1872). Two further views - 1, 2. TQ 432 744. All Dave Westrap. Link.

Rowen Road Pentecostal Church. Alan K. Taylor.

St. John Vianney (R.C.). Another view. TQ 485 751. Both Dave Westrap. Interior view, Mike Forbester. Link1. Link2.

Salvation Army Corps. TQ 484 753. Dave Westrap. Link.

Trinity Baptist Church (1868). TQ 486 753. Dave Westrap. Link.




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