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Bethnal Green, Greater London

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Bethnal Green Meeting House (U.R.C.) on Pott Street. Older maps label it as Congregational. TQ 3483 8266.
Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

Bethnal Green Mission Church on Cambridge Heath Road. TQ 3497 8286. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

The Methodist Church stands at the junction of Bonner Road and Approach Road. A Streetview from 2021 shows it without scaffolding. Old maps show that it stands on the site of an earlier chapel, aligned at 90 degrees to the present church. An illustration of the old church can be seen here. TQ 3530 8329. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

New Life Bible Church stands on Cambridge Heath Road. TQ 3497 8269. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

Our Lady of the Assumption (R.C.). Another view, and the interior. TQ 3510 8296. All Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

Pilgrims Tabernacle (Christ Apostolic Church) meet in Raine's Foundation School on Approach Road. TQ 3530 8318. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

St. Barnabas on Roman Road and Grove Road. TQ 3605 8317. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

St. James the Less on St. James's Avenue. Another view. TQ 3550 8324. Both Chris Kippin (2022). Link, which dates it to 1842. Grade II listed, which dates it originally to 1840-2, "Much reconstructed in 1960-1 ... after war damage".

The former St. James the Great has been converted into flats, and is dated here to 1844-1981. It stands on Bethnal Green Road and Pollard Row. TQ 3444 8265. Chris Kippin (2022).

St. John on Roman Road. Another view. TQ 3503 8276. Both Chris Kippin (2022). Link. Grade I listed, wherein it's dated to 1824-5, by Sir John Soane, with later repairs (following a fire) and extensions.

St. Matthew on St. Matthew's Row. TQ 3417 8246. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.






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