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Barry and Barry Island, Vale of Glamorgan                                   

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Churches on Barry Island, in Cadoxton.

All Saints (CiW). Gerard Charmley (2010).

Barry First National Spiritualist Church, previously United Methodist Free Church. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Bethel Baptist Church. Gerard Charmley (2010). Link.

The former Calfaria Welsh Baptist Church (1897), now residential. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The Christian Spiritualist Church occupies Barry's last remaining tin tabernacle. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former Court Road Presbyterian Church undergoing conversion into flats. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Crossways Methodist Church. Gerard suspects the same architects may have been responsible for the Cardiff churches St. Andrew and Rhumney Methodist. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Elim New Life Church, formerly Carmel Methodist Church. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Luchana Mission Evangelical Church, which was for many years associated with Barry Bible School, which counted Ian Paisley among its students. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former Melrose Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, now a private residence. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Gerard Charmley (2010).

New Jerusalem Congregational Church displays dates of 1894 and 1962. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former Penuel Calvinistic Methodist Church, now a meditation centre. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former Porthkerry Road Methodist Church, currently (2010) up for sale. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Princes Street Evangelical Church. Gerard Charmley (2010).

St. David (Methodist). Gerard Charmley (2010).

St. Dyfan at Merthyr Dyfan. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection.

St. Francis (R.C.). Gerard Charmley (2010).

St. Helen (R.C.). Gerard Charmley (2010).

St. Mary (CiW), which (like All Saints) was supposed to have a tower, but funds dried up. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former St. Nicholas, now used by the Scouts. Gerard Charmley (2010).

St. Paul the Apostle (CiW). Gerard Charmley (2010).

Salem Baptist Church (1897). Gerard Charmley (2010). Link.

Seventh-day Adventist Church, previously Pyke Street English Methodist Church. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Tabernacle Welsh Congregational Church (1894). Gerard Charmley (2010).

Trinity Welsh Presbyterian Church. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former Windsor Road Congregational Church, built 1903-4, is currently (2010) up for sale, along with its schoolrooms. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Barry Island
The former Bethany Baptist Church. This replaced an earlier iron building.
Gerard Charmley (2010).
St. Baruc (CiW). Gerard Charmley (2010).
St. John Methodist Church - St. John because it was used by the St. John Ambulance organisation during WW1. Gerard Charmley (2010). 
The former Welsh Presbyterian Forward Movement Church, now a private residence. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former Bryn Seion Congregational Church.
Gerard Charmley (2010).
Cadoxton Methodist Church and adjacent school. Gerard Charmley (2010).
St. Cadoc. Gerard Charmley (2010).





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