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Avonmouth, Bristol

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The former Methodist Church (Wesleyan, 1904) on Collins Street and Avonmouth Road is now in commercial use. It had closed by 1980. ST 51851 77997. Carole Sage (2016).

The site of the Congregational Church (1902) which once stood on Napier Road and Portview Road, at ST 51678 78017. It was demolished and replaced with housing, probably in the 1970's. A photo of the church is available here. It was preceded by an earlier Congregational church of 1883, shown in this Loxton drawing. Carole Sage (2016). Link (for both).

A Mission Room once stood at the junction of Gloucester Road and Clayton Street. Map evidence shows that it was built between 1880 and 1903, and Kelly's Directory of 1897 mentions it (as Wesleyan), so it must have been built between 1880 and 1897. It was short-lived, as the 1915 O.S. map doesn't show it. In all likelihood, it was replaced by the Methodist Church (above) on or soon after 1904. The site is now a car park. ST 51418 78127. Carole Sage (2017).

St. Andrew on Avonmouth Road, the last of Bristol's seamen's churches. Built in 1893, it was very badly damaged in WWII, and the present church is largely of the re-build of 1957. Some of the interior fittings came from another seaman's church, St. Raphael, Bristol, for which see Bristol, Spike Island. Plans are afoot to remedy existing structural and damp problems, and to re-design the interior to provide additional rooms for updated facilities. Another view, the interior, pulpit and font. An old postcard (from the church archive, photographed by Carole Sage, with permission) shows the original church, as does this Loxton drawing. ST 51625 78234. All Carole Sage (2016).

The site of St. Brendan (R.C.) lies under the right hand block of flats, on St. Andrew's Road. Only built in 1956, it was closed in 2004. A photo of the church itself can be seen here. ST 51791 78109. Carole Sage (2016).





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