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Audley, Staffordshire

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Audley Methodist Church on New Road, Bignall End. SJ 8031 5104. Chris Emms (2011). Another view, Dennis Harper (2013). Link. Nearby is the site (2023 Streetview) of an earlier Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Chapel Street. Pre-dating a map of 1889, and surveyed no later than 1876, it seems to have still been in active use in the mid-20th century. SJ 8033 5110.

Orthodox Church of St. Michael on Wereton Road, originally Wesleyan (1894). SJ 797 505. Chris Emms (2011). Another view, Peter Morgan (2015). Link.

There were two Primitive Methodist Chapels in the village. The first was on Chapel Lane (its precise position isn't clear). It hasn't survived, but its Sunday School (also on Chapel Lane) has, converted into two houses, and was seen by Streetview in 2023. Its successor, of 1896, stood on Church Street at SJ 7985 5067. It was demolished as unsafe in 1973. This source has photos. Its site now lies beneath a Tesco and its car park - 2023 Streetview.

St. James on Church Street. SJ 7989 5089. Chris Emms (2010). Another view, Peter Morgan (2015). Link. Grade II* listed.

Wood Lane Methodist Church, originally Wesleyan (1882). SJ 815 500. Chris Emms (2011). When Peter Morgan visited in 2015, this was for sale - another view, Peter Morgan (2015).




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