The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Atherstone, Warwickshire

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Albert Hall on Long Street, now a curry house, was originally built for the Independent Temperance and Evangelical Church, and also served as the Employment Exchange at one time. Rob Brettle.

Former Congregational Church on North Street, now converted to residential use. Rob Brettle.

Former Pentecostal Church on Welcome Street, now the Citizens Advice Bureau. Rob Brettle.

The former Quaker Meeting House, now in industrial use. William Waddilove, and sent in by Rob Brettle, with Mr. Waddilove's permission.

St. Benedict (R.C.) on Owen Street. Rob Brettle.

St. Mary, the Parish Church, on Market Place. Another view. Both Rob Brettle. Link.

St. Peter at Mancetter. Rob Brettle. Link.

The now-demolished Salvation Army hall on Grove Road, photographed in 2002. Rob Brettle.

Trinity Church on Coleshill Road. Originally the Methodist Church, it now serves the Methodist, U.R.C. and Salvation Army congregations. Rob Brettle.

Former Unitarian Church, on Coleshill Road, now in commercial use. Rob Brettle.





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