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Arundel, West Sussex

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The Baptist Church on Torton Hill Road, as seen by Streetview in 2022. TQ 0127 0686. Link.

Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St. Philip Howard (R.C.). TQ 0153 0718. Dave Westrap. This postcard shows the church when the dedication was St. Philip Neri (it was changed in 1971). Another view, and interior view, both Dennis Harper (2007).  Link. Grade I listed.

Older O.S. maps mark a Chapel on Tarrant Street at TQ 0177 0704. Seen by Streetview in 2022, no available maps label it other than Chapel, fortunately however, it is listed (as grade II), wherein it's called Union Church (Congregational), and it dates it to 1836-8. A little history can be seen here, where it also mentions a predecessor chapel which stood just a few yards away. A greengrocers now stands on the site (2022 Streetview), and it has a blue plaque which starts Independent Dissenters Chapel, but I can't read the dates which follow.

The cemetery on Ford Road used to have a double Mortuary Chapel, labelled on old large scale O.S. maps as Nonconformist and Church of England. Both now demolished, they stood near the centre of the cemetery seen here in a Streetview from 2021. TQ 0120 0678.

St. Nicholas (O) on London Road. TQ 0165 0726. From an old postcard (franked 1905) in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view, and interior view, both Dennis Harper (2007). Another view and interior, both  Chris Kippin (2023). Link. Grade I listed. Fitzalan Chapel (R.C.) is the chancel of St. Nicholas, and is effectively the private mausoleum of the Dukes of Norfolk. Separated from the rest of the church by an iron grille, access is gained via an Arundel Castle ticket. Interior view, Chris Kippin (2023). Grade I listed.







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