The Churches of Britain and Ireland

  Arran, North Ayrshire

Arran on Wikipedia.

All photos Peter Amsden.

Bennecarrigan Free Church (disused).


Corrie (CoS).

Corrie, the former Free Church (being converted to private house).

Kilmory, Church of Scotland.

Lamlash, Church of Scotland. The former St. George, unused since the 1970's. Peter doesn't know the denomination - can you supply one? My appreciation to Janet Gimber, who has advised that it was a United Free Church.

Lochranza, St. Bride. Link.

Pirnmill, Church of Scotland.

Shiskine, St. Molios (CoS). Link. Shiskine Hall, which Peter says has a churchy look about it. It may be the building mentioned on the following link as being the former United Free Church. Can you confirm? Janet Gimber has pointed me to the following link, which confirms that it was indeed United Free.

Whiting Bay.








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