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Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire

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The site of Alexandria United Free Church on Upper Bridge Street. Note that the gateposts, and perhaps the low wall, survived the demolition (compare with a photo of the church, available here. Jim Parker (2014).

 The Old Parish Church (CoS, 1840) on Main Street. Another view. The church closed in 1994. NS 391 799. For the complicated history of this church, see here. Both Martin Richter (2013). Grade B listed. Much interesting information on Alexandria's churches here.

Methodist Church on Albert Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Our Lady and St. Mark (R.C.) on ferry Loan. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Mungo's Episcopal Church on Mains Street. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Vale of Leven Baptist Church on Bridge Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link. Grade C(S) listed.




04 March 2023

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