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Aboyne, Aboyne-Dinnett Parish Church (Church of Scotland). Another view. NO 5248 9831. Both John Mackie (2010). Link. St. Margaret (R.C.) stands a little way to the north, at NO 5253 9852. It can be seen here and here in 2011 Streetviews. This source dates it to the 1870's. St. Thomas' Episcopal Church stands further west at NO 5203 9857, and is dated here (includes photos) to 1907-9. Almost completely screened by trees from the Streetview van, this 2011 view only shows the lych-gate. A Free Church (later United Free) is marked on the 25" O.S. map of 1900, at NO 5279 9837, on Charlestown Road. Seen here in 2011, South United Free Church (as it now is) is dated by this source to 1859.
Alford, Howe Trinity Church of Scotland. NJ 5815 1576. John Mackie. Link. Alford West Kirk (CoS) stands about a mile and a half west of the village, at NJ 5540 1612. O.S. maps label it On site of St. Andrew's Chapel. John Mackie. Category B listed. St. Andrew's Church (Episcopal) however, is in the village itself, on Main Street, and was seen by Streetview in 2021. NJ 5764 1604. Link. Category C listed.
Arbuthnott, the parish church. It's labelled as St. Mary's Chapel on older large scale O.S. maps. NO 8015 7464. Tommy Crocket. Link1. Link2. Category A listed.
Auchterless, the parish church. It's dated here to 1877-9, successor to St. Drostan, a fragment of which still stands, at Insch (for which, see below). NJ 7136 4158. Bill McKenzie. Link.

Ballater, Glenmuick Church (CoS) on Church Square. NO 3699 9576. Bill McKenzie. Two further views - 1, 2, and an interior view, all Alan Blacklock. Link. St. Nathalan (R.C.) on Golf Road, as seen by Streetview in 2021. Screened by vegetation, it's better seen here, where it's dated to 1905. It's labelled as St. Nathalian on some O.S. maps. NO 3668 9562. St. Kentigern (Episcopal) on Braemar Road and Provost Craig Road, as seen by Streetview in 2022. It's dated here to 1907, originally called St Saviour, and successor to an iron church of 1897. NO 3685 9597. Link.
Banchory, Banchory Ternan West Church (CoS) on High Street and Mount Street. It's labelled on a map of 1903 as South U.F. Church. NO 6945 9574. Alan Blacklock. Link. Category C listed - dates it to 1879-85. St. Ternan (Episcopal) stands just a few yards to the west, on High Street. NO 6941 9575. Alan Blacklock. A short distance from Banchory Ternan West Church, on Mount Street and Watson Street, is the former North U.F. Church, seen by Streetview in 2022. NO 6946 9580. Category C listed. Banchory Ternan East Church (CoS) stands at the east end of town on Station Road, at NO 7069 9585. It was seen by Streetview in 2009. Link. Its very brief Category B listing dates it to 1824. St. Columba (R.C.) on High Street, as seen by Streetview in 2022. It's dated here to 1931.
Birse, Church of Scotland. This source dates it to 1779, in a graveyard where once stood a medieval predecessor. NO 5544 9729. John Mackie (2010). LinkCategory B listed.

Cabrach, the parish church. NJ 3866 2680. Susan Sinclair. Category B listed, wherein it's dated to 1786. There was evidently an earlier church, as the present church has a memorial dated 1771. The earlier church is dated here to 1580.
Catterline, St. Philip (Episcopal), dated here to 1848. Catterline Community Church also meets here (link). NO 8689 7887. Derek Robertson. Category C listed. The site of the demolished Parish Church is indicated on O.S. maps at NO 8677 7849. According to its Genuki entry, it had been demolished by 1866. It stood within the graveyard seen by Streetview in 2021.
Cluny, Church of Scotland (near Cluny Castle, Monymusk). It's dated here to 1789. NJ 6849 1244. John Mackie. Link. The medieval Parish Church (St. Machar) stood nearby at NJ 6847 1257. This source says it was demolished in 1789. It stood somewhere within the graveyard seen here by Streetview in 2021.
Corgarff, Church of Scotland (1834). NJ 2793 0832. John Mackie (2011).
 Link. Category B listed.
Coull, Church of Scotland. This source dates it to the late 18th century, on the site of an earlier church or churches. NJ 5119 0247. John Mackie (2010). Category B listed.
Crathie, Church of Scotland. NO 2654 9493. Bill McKenzie. An old engraving (1800's), from Colin Waters' Collection. An old postcard view from Reg Dosell's Collection. Two further views - 1, 2, both Alan Blacklock. LinkCategory B listed, wherein it's dated to 1893-5.
Crimond, the Parish Church (1812) on Logie Avenue. NK 0537 5677. Jim Parker (2013). This source mentions that the clock has 61 minutes, though whether by accident or design it doesn't say. Link.
Cruden Bay, St. James the Less (1842-3, Scottish Episcopal) on Chapel Hill, about 1 miles W.S.W. of the village, at NK 0685 3564. Jim Parker (2013). Link1. Link2Category B listed. Congregational Church on Main Street, also known as Port Errol Congregational Church, was opened in 1884. NK 0926 3624. Jim Parker (2013). Link1. Link2, which suggests it may be closed. Nothing remains above ground of the medieval St. Olaf (or St Olaus) which stood at NK 0884 3628. The site hasn't been seen by Streetview. Link. It was succeeded by another church at Bishop's Bridge, about 1 miles W.N.W. at NK 0706 3657. The second and current church on that site (Cruden Parish Church, 1776 with later additions) was seen by Streetview in 2008. LinkCategory B listed. The churchyard wall and gates are listed separately as grade C.

Drum, the chapel at Drum Castle. It's dated here to the 16th century, on the site of an earlier chapel. NJ 7958 0046. Bill McKenzie. Category B listed.


Fordyce, the parish church, which closed in around 2011 (source, which also dates it to 1804. NJ 5541 6365. Category B listed. It was successor to St. Talorgan, which survives in part, and stands near the centre of the village in a graveyard, at NJ 5558 6386. Link. Both Martin Briscoe. Old O.S. maps show a United Free Church towards the eastern end of the village, at NJ 5568 6376. Now converted to secular use, Streetview saw it in 2021. It's dated here to 1844-1960's.

Gamrie, the former United Free Church of Scotland. NJ 8065 6315. Martin Briscoe. The Parish Church stands less than a mile to the W.S.W. at NJ 7931 6270. Seen by Streetview in 2021, it's dated here to 1829-30. Link. Category B listed. Its predecessor was St. John, for which see Gardenstown, below.
Gardenstown, Church of Scotland, dated here to 1889. NJ 8008 6480. Rev. Donald N. Martin. Link. St. John, at NJ 7911 6445, was the predecessor of Gamrie Parish Church, for which see Gamrie, above. Photos of the ruins can be seen here, where it says it was abandoned in 1830. Link. A Gospel Hall stands on Church Road, at NJ 8000 6474, seen by Streetview in 2021.
Garvock, the Parish Church. It's dated here to 1778, on the site of two earlier churches. NO 7446 7048. Derek Robertson. Link.
 Category B listed.
Glengairn, Glengairn Parish Church (C
oS). NJ 2997 0113. Bill Henderson (2017). LinkCategory B listed.

Insch, the ruins of St. Drostan (as seen by Streetview in 2008), predecessor of Auchterless (for which see Auchterless, above) and Insch parish churches. Better photos can be seen in the appended links. NJ 6333 2814. Link1. Link2. Category C listed. The Parish Church (CoS) on Western Road, as seen by Streetview in 2021. This source dates it to 1881-3. NJ 6311 2821. The church hall (Streetview 2021) stands opposite, and could be mistaken for a church. St. Drostan (Episcopal, 1894, source) is on Commerce Street, and was seen by Streetview in 2021. Category C listed. A Masonic Lodge on High Street is a former Congregational Chapel. Seen by Streetview in 2021, it's dated here to 1874 (or possibly a few years earlier). NJ 6333 2818. The fire station (Streetview 2021) on High Street stands on the site of a Free Church. It's dated here to 1852, with a temporary predecessor of 1843. NJ 6332 2806.
Inverboyndie, the ruins of St. Brandon, aka Old Kirk of Boyndie. NJ 6665 6452. Martin Briscoe. Link.

Keig, Church of Scotland. NJ 6114 1929. John Mackie. Link dates it to 1834. Category B listed. The remains of the Old Parish Church stand about half a mile to the S.E., at NJ 6189 1890. Not seen by Streetview, two (distant) photos can be seen here, where its dated to the 17th century-1835. Better photos can be found on its Category B listing.
Kildrummy, the Parish Church (1805). NJ 4723 1758. Martin Richter (2013). Link (numerous photos). Category A listed. The remains of its predecessor - St. Bride - stands within the graveyard, at NJ 4724 1755. Some photos can be seen here. A photo of the font, in the present church, but transferred from the medieval church, is available here.
Kincardine O'Neil, the ruined church of St. Mary. Another view. NO 5921 9964. Both Joyce Laing. Link. The Church of Scotland on North Deeside Road. Evidently now closed, it seems to have been active at least until 2011. NO 5938 9959. John Mackie. Christ Church (Scottish Episcopal). NO 5897 9975. John Mackie. Link.
the Parish Church, which stands about a mile N.W. of the old church, at NO 8441 7636. Derek Robertson. Link, which advises that it was built in 1843 as a Free church, and closed in 2011. Kinneff Old Church. NO 8554 7490. Derek Robertson. Link.
Kirkto(w)n of Auchterless - see Auchterless, above.
Kirkton of Tough, Tough Parish Church. The fine war memorial. NJ 6149 1297. Both John Mackie. Link, which dates it to 1837-8.

Lumphanan, Church of Scotland. This source, which dates it to 1870-1980's, calls it Stothert Memorial Chapel, originally a Free Church. NJ 5830 0480. John Mackie (2010).

Macduff, the parish church. NJ 7014 6436. Martin Briscoe. A more recent view following redecoration. David Randall (the Minister). LinkCategory B listed. A former Congregational Church stands at the junction of High Street and Duff Street, at NJ 7067 6444. It pre-dates a map of 1904, and was seen by Streetview in 2021. Also visible is the spire of the former United Free Church (now an Arts Centre) on Duff Street and Clergy Street. A better view (Streetview 2021). NJ 7061 6449.
Migvie, Church of Scotland. NJ 4367 0684. John Mackie (2010). Link, which dates it to 1777, and mentions a Pictish predecessor which stood very close by. This is indicated on large scale O.S. maps immediately to its south. The source already given say
s of the vanished church that "the remains of which comprise a low grass covered platform". This is visible in a Streetview from 2022, to the left of the present building.
Monymusk, the parish church. NJ 6849 1525. John Mackie. Link1. Link2. A map of 1869 labels an Episcopalian Chapel at the southern end of the village. See this source for its interesting history. It was seen by Streetview in 2021. NJ 6844 1517. About 1 miles due north of the village O.S. maps mark a Chapel (Site of), at NJ 6848 1724. This source (which has photos of the site), names it as St. Finan's Chapel, and says that there are turf-covered low walls still visible. The site isn't visible on Streetview because of trees.

New Aberdour, St. Drostan, is dated here to 1818. NJ 8849 6339. Martin Briscoe. Link. Category B listed. Its predecessor, also St. Drostan, stands near the coast, just over a mile to the north, at NJ 8843 6440. Link. Oddly, it appears not to be listed. Older O.S. maps mark a Free/United Free Church on High Street, at NJ 8846 6312. It pre-dates a map of 1874, and had been closed or demolished by 1955. The housing built on its site was seen by Streetview in 2022.
New Deer, St. Kane. NJ 8861 4692. Joyce Laing. Link1. Link2. Further north along Main Street is a former Church, at NJ 8834 4722. None of the available on-line maps indicate its denomination. Streetview saw it in 2022. Link. Another unidentified former Church stands on Main Street at NJ 8850 4703. It was seen by Streetview in 2021.

Peathill, Pitsligo Old Kirk. NJ 9339 6623. Martin Briscoe. Link. Just a few yards to its north-east is the former parish church, Hill Kirk of Rosehearty, seen here by Streetview in 2016. It's dated here to 1890-1997. NJ 9343 6628.
Pennan, Auchmedden Church, dated here to 1884. Older maps label it as Mission Hall. NJ 8450 6515. Martin Briscoe.
Portsoy, St. John the Baptist (Episcopal) on Seafield Terrace and Hill Street. NJ 5878 6594. Martin Briscoe. Category B listed. Church of Scotland on Shillinghill and Seafield Street. Although this source says it is a former church, the appended link says it's still active. NJ 5893 6597. Martin Briscoe. Link. Portsoy Parish Church on Seafield Terrace. NJ 5869 6590. Martin Briscoe. Labelled on older maps as West U.F. Church, this link (which dates it to a re-build in 1870) says it is the parish church, but Google Streetmap says it is permanently closed. Older maps also show East U.F. Church, on High Street, at NJ 5882 6592. Maps show it was built between 1866 and 1904. Streetview saw it in 2008. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Park Road, as seen by Streetview in 2021. NJ 5841 6614. The former The Annunciation (R.C.) off Aird Street. Barely visible on Streetview, photos can be seen here where it's dated to 1829. NJ 5901 6564. Category B listed.

Rathen, a distant view of Rathen West Parish Church (CoS, 1867-70). NK 0003 6091. Jim Parker (2013). Link. The Old Parish Church stands a little way to the north-east, at NK 0012 6096. Large scale O.S. maps label it as St. Ethernan. It was seen by Streetview in 2021.

Stonehaven, Fetteresso Church (CoS), on Bath Street. This source dates it to 1808-10. NO 8690 8638. Noreen Drinkwater. Link. The former St. John (CoS, 1859) on Evan Street, now in use as a library. It is shown on maps of various dates as follows - 1864, St. John's Church (Chapel of Ease); 1924, St. John's Church; 1967, Fetteresso Church Hall; 1976-7, unnamed; 1990, Library. It ceased to be used as a Church Hall when the new Fetteresso Church Hall was opened in 1970. NO 8719 8587. Martin Richter (2013).
Strathdon, Church of Scotland (1853). NJ 3552 1275. John Mackie (2010). Link. Category B listed.

Tarland, St. Moluag (CoS). Its category B listing dates it to 1869, with spire added in 1889.NJ 4845 0467. John Mackie (2010). Link. Old O.S. maps show a U.F. Church on Burnside Road at NJ 4771 0436. Pre-dating a map of 1867 (where it's labelled as a Free Church), it survived at least into the 1950's. Its site (the bungalow with the white car) was seen by Streetview in 2022.
Tarves, Church of Scotland. NJ 8690 3119. Joyce Laing. Link1. Link2Category B listed - dates it to 1798.
Torphins, the former South Church (originally United Free) on Craigour Road. NJ 6237 0170. Bill McKenzie. Since Bill took his photo, the church has been converted into a Scotmid Co-op. Link, dates it to 1905. Mid Deeside Church (CoS) on Church Road. NJ 6258 0210. John Mackie (2010). Link1. Link2 dates it to 1874-5. The very brief Category B listing.
Tough - see Kirkton of Tough, above.




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