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Annitsford, St. John the Baptist. Bill Henderson.

Backworth, St. John the Baptist. Bill Henderson.
Battlefield, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Bensham, Gateshead - see Gateshead.
Benton Square, the long-gone St. Aidan. Bill advises (in 2011) that it was demolished "over 60 years ago". NZ 29 70. From Ron Maddox's Collection, and sent in by Bill Henderson.
Benwell, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland - see Sunderland.
Blucher, the disused St. Cuthbert. NZ 176 663. Methodist Church. NZ 176 662. Both Bill Henderson (2012).
Boldon, St. Nicholas. Peter Morgan.
Another view. James Murray. Link.
Brunswick, CoE. NZ 234 726. the former United Methodist Free Church. NZ 232 727. Former chapel (now a private residence). NZ 234 728. All Clive Berriman.
Burradon, Church of the Good Shepherd. Bill Henderson.
Byker, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Bywell, St. Peter. Close by is the redundant church of St. Andrew, which is cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust. Both Bill Henderson.

Chilton Moor, St. Andrew, originally a Mission Church of 1876, designed by George Gilbert Scott junior. James Murray. Interior view, Jennifer Murray (2016). Link. The former Colliery Row Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1872 - circa 1970) on Colliery Row. It has since been in commercial use. Norman Cummings (2015).
Cleadon, All Saints. Cleadon Methodist Church. Both James Murray.
Cowgate, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Crawcrook, The Robert Young Memorial Methodist Church. NZ 140 637.
Bill Henderson. St. Agnes (R.C.). NZ 132 633. Bill Henderson. Interior view, Mike Forbester.

Denton Burn, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Dinnington, St. Matthew. Bill Henderson.
Dunston, St. Nicholas with Christ Church. Bill Henderson. Link.

Earsdon, St. Alban. Bill Henderson. Another view. Alan Craxford. Link1. Link2. Link3. Grade II Listed - link. Methodist Church. NZ 321 724. Bill Henderson (2012).
Easington Lane, St. Michael and All Angels. St. Mary (R.C.). Apostolic Church. All James Murray.
East Boldon.
East Rainton, St. Cuthbert (1866-7). Interior view. Both James Murray. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Peter Morgan (2019). Grade II listed. Methodist Church on North Street, built as Wesleyan in 1823, re-built 1889. James Murray. Another view, Peter Morgan (2019). Link.
Elswick, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Felling, Gateshead - see Gateshead.
Fence Houses, St. John's Methodist Church on Station Avenue South, which replaced an earlier green "tin chapel". James Murray. Another view, Norman Cummings (2015). Bank Head Independent Methodist Church. James Murray.
Fenham, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Forest Hall.
Fulwell, Sunderland - see Sunderland.

Gibside Chapel - see Rowlands Gill below.
Gosforth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Grangetown, Sunderland - see Sunderland.
Great Eppleton, near Hetton-le-Hole, All Saints, which is soon to be converted into flats. James Murray.
Grindon, Sunderland - see Sunderland.

Heaton and High Heaton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne & Wear - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Hebburn, St. Cuthbert. Another view. Both Billy Davies. St. Andrew, with a very impressive spire. NZ3065. Bill Henderson. St. Joseph (R.C.). NZ 3062. Bill Henderson.
Hendon, St. Ignatius. Peter Morgan.
Hetton-le-Hole, St. Nicholas, destroyed in a fire. Primitive Methodist Church, dating from 1858. Former Wesleyan Methodist Church, current status uncertain. All James Murray. Independent Methodist Church. Link to external website.
Horsley, dedication unknown. Bill Henderson.
Houghton le Spring.
Howdon, St. Mark's U.R.C. on Tynemouth Road. NZ 323 671. Bill Henderson (2012).

Jarrow, dedicated to St. Paul. Link. Christ Church at Jarrow Grange. NZ3265. Link. Grange Road Baptist Church. NZ3265. All Bill Henderson.
Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Jesmond.

Killingworth, St. John the Evangelist. Bill Henderson. The former Wesleyan Chapel, now a private house. Clive Berriman. The former Church of the Holy Family, awaiting demolition. Link is to an external website. Alan Craxford, who advised me of the photo, remembers the church, built as part of a community centre and office complex.

Lamesley, St. Andrew. Bill Henderson.
Lemington, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Marsden, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. This was built as Primitive Methodist, and was later known as Marsden Methodist Church. NZ 407 638.  It was successor to an earlier P.M. Chapel which stood at NZ 4077 6421 - the site is now a grassy area near the lighthouse, and can be seen on Streetview here. James Murray. Another view, Martin Richter (2018). Howard Richter has advised of two other vanished churches. St. Andrew stood at NZ 4070 6386, and the site is also under grassland - Streetview here. There was also a Mission Room which stood at NZ 4064 6423 - Streetview here of a piece of rough ground in a walled enclosure. Could the enclosure walls be a survivor of the Mission Room? - they seem to have the same footprint on old maps. All three of the demolished churches were victims of the wholesale demolition of Marsden village. The story can be read here.
Millfield, Sunderland - see Sunderland.
Monkseaton, St. Mary the Virgin. NZ 347 729. Link. St. Peter. NZ 340 719. Link. Both Bill Henderson (2012).
Monkwearmouth, Sunderland.

New Herrington, Independent Methodist Church. James Murray.
New York, the Lighthouse Christian Centre. Bill Henderson.
Newburn, St. Cuthbert. Peter Morgan. St. Michael and All Angels. NZ 166 653. Bill Henderson (2012). Link. Grade I listed - link.
Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
North Shields.

Pennywell, Sunderland - see Sunderland.
Penshaw, All Saints, Norman Cummings (2014). Link. Our Lady Queen of Peace (R.C.). James Murray.
Percy Main, St. John the Evangelist (1862), on St. John's Terrace. NZ 338 671. Bill Henderson (2012). Grade II listed - link.
Ponteland, St. Mary the Virgin. Bill Henderson.

Roker, Sunderland.
Rowlands Gill, Gibside Chapel (the Bowes Lyon family chapel). NZ 17183 58248. Bill Henderson. Link.
Ryhope, St. Paul (1873). Another view. James Murray.
Ryton, Ryton Methodist Church. NZ 165 641. U.R.C. NZ 144 641. St. Hilda at Hedgefield. NZ 165 642. All Bill Henderson. Church of Holy Cross, two interiors - 1, 2, and the wooden spiral staircase to the ringing room, an unusual feature. NZ 15107 64831. All Carole Sage (2009). Link. Grade I listed.

Scotswood, St. Margaret. Peter Morgan.
Shiney Row, St. Oswald. Bill Henderson. St. John's Evangelical Church. James Murray. Trinity Methodist Church. James Murray.
Shiremoor, St. Mark. NZ 316 710. Bill Henderson (2012). Link.
Silksworth, Sunderland - see Sunderland.
South Shields.
Springwell, Sunderland - see Sunderland.
Sugley - see Lemington.
Swalwell, Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson. Link.

Throckley, St. Mary. Bill Henderson.
Tunstall, Sunderland - see Sunderland.

Walbottle, Methodist Church. NZ 170 662. Peter Morgan. Another view, Bill Henderson (2012).
Walker, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
West Boldon, St. Nicholas. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection. Link1. Link2.
West Denton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
West Moor, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Westerhope, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Whickham, St. Mary the Virgin. Alan Blacklock. Link. Spoor Methodist Church. NZ 2061. Bill Henderson. Chapel in Garden House Cemetery on Market Lane. Norman Cummings (2014).
Whitley Bay.
Whorlton, St. John (on a very cramped site, and difficult to photograph well). NZ 186 679. Steve Bulman.
Wideopen, St. Columba (CoE & Meth.). NZ 241 732. The Sacred Heart of Jesus (R.C.). Bill Henderson. St. Chad (now demolished), from a painting, courtesy of Clive Berriman.
Willington, St. Mary the Virgin. NZ 317 677. Our Lady and St. Aidan (R.C.). NZ 319 679. Both Bill Henderson (2012).
Willington Quay, the former St. Paul, now a community centre. NZ 327 664. Bill Henderson (2012).




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