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Worcester, Worcestershire

Worcester on Wikipedia.

All Saints on Broad Street. SO 8479 5488. Peter Morgan. Another view, Chris Kippin. Link. Grade II* listed.

Baptist Church on Sansome Walk. SO 8504 5538. Peter Morgan. Link.

Baptist Church on Rainbow Hill. SO 8581 5600. Peter Morgan. Howard Richter has advised that this church will close in July 2018 (news item). Link.

Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. SO 8500 5451. Peter Morgan. Another view, James Murray. A print dated 1842, Colin Waters Collection. An aerial view, a view from the west, and another, the Cathedral and Deanery, two interior views - 1, 2, (the latter posted in 1905), the West window, Prince Arthur's Chantry, Crucifixion, and the Crypt, all from old postcards in Christopher Skottowe's Collection. Blind arcading in the Chapter House, the eastern side of the cloister, ruins of the monastic dormitory and reredorter, with the spire of St Stephen in the distance, and the Guests' Hall, all Christopher Skottowe (1963). Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Canada Way. Another view. SO 8368 5290. Both Peter Morgan, the second one from 2023.

The Commandery on Sidbury is a museum, most famously the Royalist HQ during the Civil War. It has a chapel with a painted ceiling. The building stands on the site of the Saxon St. Gudwal's Chapel, some slight remains of which remain on display following archaeological investigations. Some graves were also found, and their sites marked, though these aren't on normal public display. SO 8525 5440. All Janet Gimber (2023). Link, with a good history here.

The former Countess of Huntingdon Connexion Church (Methodist), which now serves as a concert venue. SO 8492 5485. Peter Morgan.

Elim Pentecostal Church, Peter Morgan.

Evangelical Church at Cranham. Peter Morgan.

Evangelical Church at Wood Green. Peter Morgan.

Methodist Church, on Bromyard Road. Peter Morgan.

Methodist Church, on Ombudsley Road. Peter Morgan.

Our Lady Queen of Peace (R.C.), Peter Morgan.

The former St. Alban, now the Maggs Day Centre. Peter Morgan.

St. Andrew, of which only the spire remains. Peter Morgan.

St. Andrew (Methodist), Peter Morgan. Another view. Graeme Harvey.

St. Barnabas, Peter Morgan.

St. Clement at Henwick. Peter Morgan.

St. David, Peter Morgan.

St. George, Peter Morgan.

St. George (R.C.), Peter Morgan.

St. Helen. Upon ceasing to be an active church, St. Helen's served as a Records Centre until 2002. It has now become an active church again, although services are only held once a month. It also serves as the Parish Centre for the City Centre Parish. Photo Peter Morgan, and additional information from Gilbert Barlow.

St. John in Bedwardine, Peter Morgan.

St. John the Baptist at Claines. Peter Morgan.

St. Joseph (R.C.) at Warndon. Peter Morgan.

St. Mark, at Cherry Orchard. Peter Morgan.

St. Martin in the Cornmarket on Queen Street. Its grade II* listing dates it to 1768-72, on the site of a medieval predecessor. SO 851 552. Peter Morgan. Another view, Andrew Ross. Link.

St. Martin & St. Peter.

St. Mary (now flats), Peter Morgan.

St. Michael at Dines Green. Peter Morgan.

St. Nicholas, now a cafe bar. Peter Morgan. Previously listed as St. Michael and All Angels, my thanks to Arthur Lewis for pointing out the error, and advising that St. Michael was demolished in 1965.

St. Nicholas, at Warndon. Peter Morgan.

St. Paul. Another view. Both Peter Morgan.

St. Peter (Baptist), which opened in 2007. Peter Morgan.

The site of St. Peter the Great on Princes Drive. A plaque at the site dates it to 1420-1976. Its Wikipedia article says that the medieval church was replaced in 1836-7 by a new Commissioners' Church, which was closed in 1972, and demolished 4 years later. The medieval church and its replacement can be seen in old illustrations here. SO 8520 5434. Both Janet Gimber (2023).

St. Stephen at Barbourne. Peter Morgan.

St. Swithin only holds occasional services, and is cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust. Photo Peter Morgan, and additional information from Gilbert Barlow. Another view. James Murray.

St. Woolstan at Warndon. Peter Morgan.

Seventh-day Adventist Church, James Murray.




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