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  Winchester, Hampshire

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All Saints on Petersfield Road. Another view. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Saints Peter and Paul, and Saint Swithin. Another view. SU 482 292. Both Dave Westrap. A view from an old postcard (franked 1916), courtesy of the D. Westrap Collection. And Aidan McRae Thomson, another exterior view. Interior views, showing the nave and choir. Link1. Link2.

Christ Church on Christchurch Road. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Christian Science Church on Tower Street. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-day Saints on Christchurch Road. Janet Gimber (2018).

The former City Pentecostal Church on Jewry Street, now in secular use. Janet Gimber (2018).

Friends' Meeting House on Colebrook Street. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

The former Garrison Chapel on Southgate Street is now in use as a cinema. Janet Gimber (2018).

Highcliffe Evangelical Church on St. Catherine's Road. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Holy Trinity on Upper Brook Street. Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Grade II* listed.

Hope Church meet in the Middle Brook Centre, on Middle Brook Street. Previously known as Winchester Family Church, the building is a former cinema, and latterly a bingo hall. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Hyde Street Chapel, on Hyde Street. Janet Gimber (2018).

The former Methodist Church (originally Primitive Methodist) on Parchment Street is now Winchester Business Centre. Janet Gimber (2018).

Another former Methodist Church (originally United Methodist) also stands on Parchment Street, and this one is now in residential use. Janet Gimber (2018).

St. Bartholomew at Hyde. David Packman of

St. Cross, at the Hospital of St. Cross. Derek Jordan. Photo is on an external web-site. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.

St. John the Baptist. SU 486 294. Chris Kippin. Grade I listed.

The site of the demolished St. Mary lies beneath the Baptist Church hall on Hyde Street. Janet Gimber (2018).

The approximate site of the long-vanished St. Mary in the Valley, under and/or adjacent to the present-day St. Paul on St. Paul's Hill. Janet Gimber (2018). Here's a useful article about this church, and St. Anastasius.

The site of St. Mary's Abbey, in Abbey Gardens. Janet Gimber (2018). Link, which has a small photo of some foundations.

St. Mary's College Chapel. SU 482 289. Chris Kippin. Link. Grade I listed.

St. Michael in the Soke. SU 480 289. Chris Kippin. Grade II* listed.

The former St. Peter upon Chesille without Eastgate, on Chesil Street, is now in use as a theatre. It went out of use in the years following WWII, and was declared structurally unsafe in 1960. It has presumably since been repaired! Another view. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Peter (R.C.). Graeme Wall. These two interior views - 1, 2, are from old postcards in Graeme Harvey's Collection. Link.

St. Thomas. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection.

St. Swithin. Interior view. The church is above the gateway. Both Aidan McRae Thomson.

Salvation Army on Parchment Street. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

United Church (Methodist and U.R.C.) on Jewry Street. This has previously been Independent, Congregational, and U.R.C. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Welcome Gospel Hall stands on the corner of High Street, The Broadway and Colebrook Street. The building was originally known as The Soldier's Welcome, a welfare venue for the local military personnel. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.





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