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Whetstone, Leicestershire

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Baptist Church. Another view. SP 558 974. Link.

The previous Baptist Church (1843) is just a few yards away. The congregation seems to have moved to the newer building by 1914. SP 558 973. All Howard Richter (2011).

Former Congregational Chapel (1865), now a private residence. Another view. SP 558 973. This was the earliest Congregational chapel in the village. It was succeeded (or supplemented) by a second, in use by the mid-1880's. No trace remains. The third is now the U.R.C. The pale-coloured foundation stones to each side of the door, at ground-level, reveal the building date of 1935. SP 557 974. All Howard Richter (2011).

St. Peter on Church Lane, re-built in 1335, is Grade 1 listed. Another view. SP 558 975. Both Howard Richter (2011). Link1. Link2.






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