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Waltham Abbey, Essex

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The Church of the Holy Cross. The adjacent abbey was a victim of Henry VIII, but the parish church was unmolested. Originally a church was dedicated here in 1060 by the later King Harold. The core of the present church has more or less the same footprint. Two further views - 1, 2, an interior view, details of two columns (very reminiscent of Durham Cathedral) - 1, 2, and the font. One survival of the Abbey itself is its gatehouse (grade II* listed). TL 3811 0064. All Christopher Skottowe (1964). Two additional views - 1, 2, interior view, the altar, and a fine monument. King Harold is allegedly buried here - a stone marks the site. All Peter Morgan (2015). Christopher Skottowe has an old album containing a sketch of a church, which has previously been in the Unknown section. Though there's no indication of the date of the sketch, it is probably from late Victorian times. Simon Davies has identified it as Waltham Abbey in Essex, before Victorian alterations increased the height of the tower. An old engraving of the church can be seen here and (coloured) here. Link. Grade I listed.

The Baptist Church on Paradise Road, as seen by Streetview in 2018. Another Streetview. TL 3808 0048. Link.

Lea Valley Church (Assemblies of God) on Monkswood Avenue is a former Methodist Church, marked on older maps as Wesleyan. It was seen by Streetview in 2019. TL 3850 0056. Link.

The Cemetery on Sewardstone Street has a Mortuary Chapel, at TL 3848 0006. Seen (distantly) by Streetview in 2022, it's marked as Mortuary Chapel (Ch. of Eng) on an old O.S. map, at which time it had a companion Mortuary Chapel (Nonconformist) a few yards further south at TL 3850 0002). It hasn't survived.

The Salvation Army Church on Sewardstone Street, as seen by Streetview in 2018. It already existed before 1920, when it is labelled on a 25" O.S. map of that year as S.A. Hall. TL 3817 0041. Link.

St. Thomas More and St. Edward (R.C.) on Farm Hill Road and Rochford Avenue, as seen by Streetview in 2021. TL 3880 0055. Link.

Serenity Seventh-day Adventist Church stands on Highbridge Street. Streetview saw it in 2021. TL 3785 0058. Link.

The 25" O.S. map of 1920 shows an otherwise unidentified Chapel on Little Sewardstone Street (now Fountain Place) at TL 3813 0043. Its site was seen by Streetview in 2018.





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