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Walmer, Kent

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Baptist Church. Geoff Watt. TR 37 509.

Old St. Mary, described on the card as "Old Church, Walmer". From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view. Geoff Watt. Another old postcard view, this one from John Bowdler's Collection. This one says "Walmer, Old Parish Church". Note the bell-turret in the second card (and the modern photo), and the small bell-tower and turret in the first. Also the small building to the left of the porch in the first, and the smaller structure in the second, which has completely vanished in the photo. This second postcard from John Bowdler more clearly shows tower, turret, and small building. When did these changes take place? TR 366 503.

Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart. Geoff Watt. TR 369 502.

(New) St. Mary.  TR 372 502. Geoff Watt. An old postcard view, from John Bowdler's Collection.

St. Saviour (1848). TR 376 515. Steve Bulman (2014). Link.





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