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Tumble, Carmarthenshire

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Bethania Independent Chapel at Upper Tumble.
Gerard Charmley (2010).

Bethel Baptist Chapel (1904) and its predecessor of 1890. Both Gerard Charmley (2010).

Bethesda Chapel (formed 1888). Peter Morgan (2011).

Bethesda Independent Church (1905). Gerard Charmley (2010).

Dewi Sant (CiW). Gerard Charmley (2010).

The Ebenezer Chapel (1900) was dissolved in 1929 following the congregation's support for a heretical minister, Tom Nefyn. Now demolished, the site remains as a park; the original gates remain in place. An interpretive sign on the site contains a potted history and a photo. All Gerard Charmley (2010).

Elim Church (1910). Peter Morgan (2011).




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