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Telford, Shropshire

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Churches at Madeley.

St. John at Lawley. Gill Gaiser.

The former St. Luke at Doseley, now a private residence. Thanks to Janet Gimber for providing the dedication. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection.

Catholic Church of St. Mary on High Street. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2012). Link.
Madeley Baptist Church on High Street. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2012). Link.
Madeley Methodist Church on Court Street. The church notice board proclaims itself as "Fletcher Methodist Church". SJ 696 044. Bill Henderson. Originally Wesleyan and built in 1861, as the date-stone says, Dennis Harper (2012).
St. Chad's Mission Church at Blist's Hill, was originally a Mission Room, from Granville Road, Donnington, Telford (and now called Lodge Bank). Map evidence implies a building date of the 1890's. It was closed in 1979. Interior view. Blist's Hill is a Victorian Village, largely re-created with building's moved here from their original locations. Present grid reference SJ 69420 03083; in it's original position - SJ 72104 12481. Both James Murray. Another view, and two more of the interior - 1, 2, all Carole Sage (2018). Link. Also on display at Blist's Hill is an old tram car which served as a mobile Gospel Hall and Sunday School in Bridgnorth. Another photo of it is available here, where it also says that "
This was originally built in 1904 as a double decker tramcar and worked the Wolverhampton area. It was converted into a Sunday school for the Bridgenorth Peoples Hall Mission in 1928". SJ 69454 03442. Carole Sage (2018).
St. Michael - a Telford church of 1796. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.






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