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  Shankill, Belfast

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The Ballygomartin Baptist Church on West Circular Road. J 308 750. Gerard Close (2010).

The Ballygomartin Presbyterian Church on West Circular Road. J 309 751. Gerard Close.

Gospel Hall. J 329 747. Gerard Close (2011).

Immanuel Presbyterian Church on Agnes Street. J 326 751. Gerard Close.

Mustardseed Christian Fellowship on Crimea Street. J 325 751. Gerard Close (2015).

John Knox Memorial Free Church (Presbyterian) on Northumberland Street. J 326 747. Gerard Close.

The John White Memorial Congregational Church on Tennent Street. J 321 750. Gerard Close.

Malvern Pentecostal Assembly on Agnes Street. J 326 750. Gerard Close.

Methodist Church on Shankill Road. J 322 748. Gerard Close (2011).

Presbyterian Church on Crumlin Road. J 322 755. Gerard Close. 

St. Luke (CoI) on Northumberland Street. J326 745. Gerard Close. Adam McCurdy advises (2015) that this church has closed, and was for sale in 2015. The Sale Notice has additional photos, including an interior.

St. Mary (CoI) on the Crumlin Road. J 323 754. Gerard Close.

St. Matthew (CoI) on Shankill Road. J 317 750. Gerard Close.

St. Michael (CoI) on Shankill Road. J 327 748. Gerard Close.

Shankill Baptist Church on Tennant Street. J 320 748. Gerard Close.

Shankill Road Presbyterian Mission. J 327 747. Gerard Close.

West Kirk Presbyterian on Shankill Road. J 323 747. Gerard Close (2011).

Woodvale Methodist Church on Cambrai Street. J 318 750. Gerard Close.

Woodvale Presbyterian Church on Ballygomartin Road. J 315 752. Gerard Close.




17 February 2018

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