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Baptist Church, dating from 1907. Adjacent to it is the "Baptist Institute" (1890), formerly a school, but Dave thinks it was probably the original Baptist Church. TQ 744 683. Both Dave Westrap. Link. Thanks to Dave Williams for advising that the Institute was indeed the original church, being in use from 1890 until 1907 (when the new church opened), and again during the 1980's while renovation work was carried out. Following the congregation's return to the church, the Institute was for a time used by a community care organisation, but it is now being used again by the church for its own and the community's use.

Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. TQ 742 685. Another view. Both Dave Westrap. An old postcard view (postcard franked 1910), from Dave Westrap's Collection. Interior views - the Choir and the Nave. Both Aidan McRae Thomson. The West door, and the North nave aisle, both Christopher Skottowe (1958). Interior view, and a wall-painting (the Wheel of Fortune), both Simon Edwards. Link. Link1. Link2. Link3.

Cemetery Chapel, St. Margaret's Cemetery. TQ 742 672. Dave Westrap.

Elim Pentecostal Church, built in 1856 as a Congregational Church for a group breaking away from the Vines Congregational Church (see below). From 1882-1928 it was a United Free Methodist Church. TQ 746 680. Dave Westrap.

Medway Family Church (Free Evangelical). TQ 745 670. Dave Westrap. Link.

Medway Towns Gurdwara Sabha, originally St. Andrew (Anglican Mission, 1889). TQ 745 674. Dave Westrap. Link.

Mission of Our Lady of Walsingham and St. Francis (Anglican Catholic Church) in Fort Pitt Military Cemetery. TQ 748 671. Dave Westrap. Link.

Quaker Meeting House. TQ 743 686. Dave Westrap.

St. John Fisher (R.C.). TQ 740 668. Dave Westrap. Link.

St. Justus (CoE). TQ 743 661. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

St. Luke (Methodist). TQ 747 661, Dave Westrap.

St. Margaret. The old 15th/16th century church was re-built in the first half of the 19th century. Although the history books disagree on the exact date, and extent of the works, the tower is probably a remnant of the old building. TQ 740 680. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2. Link3.

St. Nicholas. Originally dating from 1421-3, the present building largely dates from 1621. De-consecrated in the 1960's, it now serves as the Diocesan Office for the Diocese of Rochester. TQ 742 685. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

St. Peter, in The Delce, was built in 1974, the successor to an earlier St. Peter on King Street, which. was built 1858-60, and demolished in 1973. TQ 746 675. Link1. Link2.

The Vines (U.R.C.), originally built 1853-4 as a Congregational Church. TQ 743 682. Dave Westrap.




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