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Roath, Cardiff (City), Cardiff

Roath on Wikipedia.

Baptist Church, on Albany Road. David Gallimore.

Former Chapel of the Community of the Resurrection, an Anglican Monastic Order, now flats. Gerard Charmley.

Church of the Nazarene on Stacey Road. Gerard Charmley.

City Church is on Broadway. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Evangelical Church on Mackintosh Place. David Gallimore.

Minster Gospel Hall (Minster Christian Centre). David Gallimore.

Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church on Keppoch Street,  now The Gate, an Arts Centre. David Gallimore. Church confirmation courtesy of Gerard Charmley. Link.

Parkminster U.R.C. David Gallimore. Another view. This was originally Minster Road Congregational Church. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Roath Park Wesleyan Methodist church on Bangor Street, Wellfield Road and Albany Road. David Gallimore. Many thanks to Neil Johnson for giving this previously unidentified church a name.

The demolished Roath Road Wesleyan Church, which stood on Newport Road (previously Roath Road) and City Road. Built circa 1871, it was damaged by WWII bombing, and was demolished in 1953. A 1969 office block now stands on the site, at ST 191 768. From an old postcard in Robert Hellier's collection. Robert has a family connection with this church - his great-grandfather was minister here in the early 1900's.

St. Andrew (formerly Scottish Presbyterian) on Wellfield Road and Marlborough Road. Another view. Both David Gallimore. Thanks to Gerard Charmley for the correction to this church's name and denomination.

St. Anne (CiW), David Gallimore. Link.

St. Margaret of Antioch. Another view. Both David Gallimore. Link.

St. Martin on Albany Road. Interior view. Both David Gallimore.

St. Peter (R.C.), on St. Peter's Street. David Gallimore. An old postcard view, from Robert Hellier's Collection. Link.

Former Salvation Army Barracks on Cecil Street. Another view. David Gallimore. My appreciation to Janet Gimber for the identification, and this link. The photo there is dated to 1894, so the building must obviously pre-date this.

Sikh Gurdwara, formerly Ebenezer Baptist Church, on Pearl Street. Gerard Charmley.

The former Stacey Road Congregational Church, now a music school. Gerard Charmley.






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