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Rhyl, Denbighshire

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Oasis Christian Centre on Sisson Street, previously Apostolic Church (when photographed). SJ 013 810. Mike Berrell. Link.

The former Bath Street Methodist Chapel, now closed. Gerard Charmley (2011).

The former Carmel Welsh Independent Chapel, now in commercial use. Gerard Charmley (2011).

The former St. John (now closed) on Wellington Road and River Street. SJ 004 810. Mike Berrell.

Chapel (multi-faith) at the Royal Alexandra Hospital on East Parade, dates from 1894. SJ 030 811. Carl Hogan (2010).

Christ Church, U.R.C. (The United Church in Rhyl at Christ Church), formerly Congregational. On Water Street. SJ 007 814. Mike Berrell. Another view. Gerard Charmley (2011). Gerard advises that this was built to replace an earlier church which collapsed due to weak foundations.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Vale Road. SJ 018 809. Mike Berrell.

Islamic Cultural Centre, formerly Welsh Baptist Chapel, on Water Street. SJ 006 814. Mike Berrell.

Former Presbyterian Chapel, on Wellington Road, now in secular use. SJ 006 812. Mike Berrell.

St. Ann on Vale Road. SJ 014 810 (approx.). Mike Berrell. Link.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Garnett Avenue. Interior view. SJ 005 810. Both Mike Berrell.

St. Thomas on Russell Road. SJ 010 816. Mike Berrell. Another view, John Balaam (2016).

Salem Christian Centre, previously Capel Salem (1895), on Warren Road. SJ 003 809. Mike Berrell.

Salvation Army, on Windsor Street. SJ 007 813. Mike Berrell.

Seventh-day Adventist Church on Albert Street. SJ 012 812. Mike Berrell.

Soar Brunswick (Eglwys Fethodistaidd, 1895) on Sisson Street. Interior view. SJ 012 811. Mike Berrell.

Sussex Street Baptist Church. Gerard Charmley (2011).

Tyenwydd Road Presbyterian Church. Gerard Charmley (2011).

Vale Park Chapel (Christian Assembly) on Vale Road. Interior view. SJ 013 810. Mike Berrell.

Wellspring Christian Centre on Vale Road. SJ 016 809. Mike Berrell.

Welsh Presbyterian Chapel on Clwyd Street. Interior view. SJ 010 814. Mike Berrell.





17 February 2018

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