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Rawtenstall, Lancashire

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The former Cloughfold Methodist Church on North Street, originally Wesleyan (1868). Currently in commercial use. SD 822 226. Nigel Birch.

The former Jubilee Primitive Methodist Church which stood on Lord Street. The congregation was founded in the 1830's, with the first service in this building in 1860, and the final service in 1965. Like the Lord Street PM chapel, it was demolished to make way for city centre development. From an old photo in Nigel Birch's Collection.

Kay Street Baptist Church. SD 814 228. Philip Kapp. Another view. Stuart Mackrell. An old photo showing the church when it was new(ish), in the early 1900's, from Nigel Birch's Collection.

Longholme Methodist Church. SD 812 228. Philip Kapp.

The former Lord Street Primitive Methodist Chapel was founded in 1850, closed 1965, and demolished soon after. Another view. Both From old photos in Nigel Birch's Collection.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1873) on Bacup Road, Hareholme, is now in secular use. SD 826 221. Mike Berrell.

Rawtenstall Cemetery Chapel (1877) on Burnley Road. SD 814 234. Mike Berrell (2013).

The former St. James the Great (1859) at Waterfoot. David Gallimore. Mike Berrell advises that it is now in secular use.

St. James the Less (R.C.) on Burnley Road. SD 814 230. Nigel Birch. Another view, and three interiors - 1, 2, 3, all Mike Berrell (2016).

The former St. John the Divine (1886-1976) on Bacup Road, now in commercial use. SD 815 226. Nigel Birch. Interior view. A close-up of the charming painting shown amongst the rafters in the previous photo. Both Mike Berrell. See also St. Mary Magdalene, (Winton, Greater Manchester), to where two C17 carved wooden panels, originally in this church, now reside. Some windows are now in Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, Canada - see here, and scroll down to window 34.

St. Mary. From an old postcard in Geoff Watt's Collection. A modern view. The tower. SD 811 228. Both Philip Kapp.

Former Salvation Army Hall, now a scout hut. Rob Brettle.

Sion Baptist Church at Higher Cloughfold. SD 825 228. Nigel Birch. This was originally the Sunday School for the adjacent chapel (now demolished). Another view of the old chapel (early 1900's). Both from Nigel Birch's Collection.

The former Springside Methodist Church on Newchurch Road, now converted to flats. SD 817 232. Nigel Birch. This older photo (1960's?), and one of the preceding tin tabernacle, are both from Nigel Birch's Collection.

The former Townsendfold Primitive Methodist Church (1867-8; closed 1970) on Bury Road. From Nigel Birch's Collection.

Unitarian Church. SD 813 229. Philip Kapp. The previous building is shown here - from Nigel Birch's Collection.

The former United Methodist Church on Haslingden Road, founded 1857. Nigel explains that this church owes its foundation to a falling out between two brothers who had previously worshipped at the Longholme church (above). The two churches look quite similar! Now used as a Conference and Function Centre. SD 813 245. Nigel Birch.




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