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Randalstown, County Antrim                              

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1st Presbyterian Church (1841). J 077 898. Mark Lusby. Another view. Gerard Close.

2nd Presbyterian Church. J 078 907. Gerard Close.

The Duneane Fulton Memorial Presbyterian Church. Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist.

Elim Church. J 078 898. Gerard Close.

Old Congregation Presbyterian Church. J 078 904. Gerard Close. Link.

Randalstown Free Presbyterian Church. J 077 909. Gerard Close. Link.

St. Brigid (CoI). J 076 908. Gerard Close. Two interior views - 1, 2, a monument, and the font, all Adam McCurdy (2015).

St. MacNissi (R.C.) dates from 1784. Mark Lusby. It was replaced in 1999 by another church of the same name. J 087 904. Gerard Close (2012). Link.





04 March 2023

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