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Pentonville, Greater London

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The former Claremont Independent Chapel, on Pentonville Road, was built in 1818-19, and is now used by the Arts Council. TQ 3129 8316. Peter Hobday. Grade II listed.

St. Silas, built 1860-3 (with the chancel added later), is on the corner of Penton Street and Risinghill Street. TQ 3104 8330. Peter Hobday. Another view, and the interior, both Chris Kippin (2022). Link. Grade II listed. The war memorial is also grade II listed.

Welsh Congregational Church on Pentonville Road, built 1853-4. Peter Hobday.

The Word Centre, on Chadwell Street, was built by the Calvinistic Methodists in 1824, and was later used by the Baptists. TQ 3143 8296. Peter Hobday. Since Peter took his photo, the church has been taken over (or changed its name) to The Angel Church. Link.





04 March 2023

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