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Penrith, Cumbria

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Cemetery Chapel. NY 517 311. Steve Bulman (2010).

Christ Church (1848-50) on Stricklandgate. NY 513 305. Les Strong. Grade II listed.

The former Congregational Church on Duke Street, now in residential use. The date-stone - "Rebuilt A.D. 1865" implies an earlier building. NY 513 304. Both Steve Bulman (2013).

Gospel Hall on Queen Street (front) and Albert Street (rear). The Gospel Halls website lists this building, though without contact details, but there are web references, apparently to this building, suggesting that it is now used commercially, so its status was uncertain. However, having re-visited in August 2012, I can confirm that the building is still used for worship. NY 515 303. Steve Bulman (2012).

Methodist chapel on Wordsworth Street. NY 515 306. Steve Bulman (2010).

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Meeting House on Meeting House Lane. ca. NY 516 303. Steve Bulman (2010). Grade II listed.

St. Andrew, the tower, and the "Giant's Grave". NY 515 305. All Steve Bulman. Interior view, from an old postcard in Paul E. Barnett's Collection. Link. Grade I listed.

Salvation Army on Hunters Lane. ca. NY 515 304. Steve Bulman (2012).

Former church on Princes Street, now in commercial use. This has been identified by Janet Gimber as a United Presbyterian church, from an old map of 1861-4. Other than this one reference, Janet has been unable to discover anything else relating to it. NY 516 300. Steve Bulman (2012).

U.R.C. on Lowther Street. NY 515 305. Steve Bulman (2010).

Zion Methodist chapel on Sandgate. NY 517 304. Les Strong. Another view. Steve Bulman (2010). On a visit in 2010, the church looked to have been derelict for some time. Kevin Price has advised that this was originally Primitive Methodist, and closed as a Methodist in 1966. Bought by the Pentecostal Church in the mid-1970's, it closed in the mid-1990's, and is now in secular use.





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