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Paddington, Greater London

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The Anunciation, in Craven Hill (Greek Orthodox) is a truly tiny church. Peter Hobday.

Catholic Apostolic Church, in Maida Vale. Despite Peter's uncertainty regarding the current status of this church, I have been advised that it is still an active church. Peter Hobday.

Our Lady of Sorrows (R.C.), Chichester Street. Peter Hobday.

A distant view of the Paddington Cemetery Chapels. Gervase N. E. Charmley.

Pentecostal Church (Assembly of God). Peter Hobday.

St. David's Welsh Church (CoE), 1890. Peter Hobday.

St. James, Sussex Gardens, W2, built 1845. TQ 2663 8092. Andrew Ross.

St. John the Evangelist (1832), on Hyde Park Crescent. Its grade II listing dates it to circa 1831. TQ 2719 8120. Peter Hobday. Link.

St. Mary, Paddington Green (built 1791). TQ 2670 8175. Peter Hobday.

St. Mary Magdalene on Rowington Close. TQ 2574 8194. Peter Hobday. Link. It's dated in its grade I listing to 1867-78, by Street, with crypt chapel of 1895 by Comper.





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