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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

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Churches at Canning Circus, Carrington, Cinderhill, Clifton, Hyson Green, Radford, Sherwood and Sherwood Rise.

Beaconsfield Spiritualist Church. SK 555 418. Michael Bourne. Link.

Cathedral Church of St. Barnabas (R.C.) on Derby Road. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3. All Mike Forbester. Link. Grade II* listed.

The long-demolished Christ Church (Unitarian) on Peas Hill Road. According to this link, the church was built in 1863-4, closed in 1932. This, and many other old engravings on this website, are reproduced from the downloadable books on the Unitarian Church Headquarters website here. The books are Pictures of Unitarian Churches by Emily Sharpe (1901) and the 1914 edition of Nonconformist Church Architecture by Ronald P. Jones M.A, (Oxon), and the images are reproduced by kind permission of James Barry of Unitarian Church Headquarters. My appreciation also to Mike Berrell for his efforts in this regard.

Congregational Church (1863). Another view. The congregation of St. Nicholas is currently meeting here (see St. Nicholas, below). Congregational services are held in the adjoining Cleaves Conference Centre. SK 573 397. All Howard Richter (2011). Link. Some history. Grade II listed - link.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, formerly an English Presbyterian Church, stands at the junction of Mansfield Road and Villa Road. SK 570 410. Michael Bourne. Another view, showing that the building is now in use as a Sikh Temple - the Sri Nabh Kanwal Raja Sahib Ji Gurdwara. The First Church of Christ has moved to a nearby building, for which see the next entry. Richard Pykett (2019). Link.

First Church of Christ, Scientist on Mansfield Road. Richard Pykett (2019). Link.

Grangewood Methodist Church at Wollaton. Janet Gimber (2014). Link.

The former High Pavement Church. Aidan McRae Thomson.

Hope Strict Baptist Church, which closed in 2014. Interior view. Both Gerard Charmley.

Mansfield Road Baptist Church. SK 567 415. Michael Bourne. Link.

St. Andrew. SK 570 411. Michael Bourne. Link.

St. Mary. Aidan McRae Thomson. This old postcard dates to no later than 1918 (it has a 1/2d. stamp - the postal rate increased to 1d. in June 1918). From Shayne van Rensburg's Collection. Link.

St. Nicholas. Two further views - 1, 2. Currently (2011) closed, and undergoing re-ordering, the congregation is meeting in the nearby Congregational Church (see above). St. Nicholas is also home to Nottingham's Chinese Christian community. The church is of ancient foundation (some argue pre-Conquest), but the present building dates from the 1670's, replacing one destroyed in the English Civil War. SK 571 396. All Howard Richter (2011). Link1. Link2. Grade II* listed - link.

St. Peter. Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Alban on Bond Street, Sneinton (built as the Anglican St. Alban's in 1866-7). Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Link, which says it became the Ukrainian church in the 1960's. Link2.

Canning Circus
First Spiritualist National Church on Derby Road. The church notice-board says "Established 1865" - does this relate to the building as well? SK 563 401. Howard Richter (2011). Link.
United Holy Church of God on Ilkeston Road. SK 562 402. Howard Richter (2011). Link1. Link2.

Mount Beulah Apostolic Church on Sherbrooke Road. Richard mentions an entry in a local history book (A History of Carrington, by Terry Fry) which says that this was originally a Baptist Church (1882). Richard Pykett (2017).
St. John the Evangelist on Mansfield Road, consecrated in 1843. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Richard Pykett (2018). Link.


Christ Church at Cinderhill. SK 539 432. Michael Bourne. Link.
Former Methodist Church at Cinderhill. SK 540 431. Michael Bourne.

Holy Trinity on Farnborough Road. David Regan (2012). Another view, Dennis Harper (2013).
St. Mary on Holgate. Three more views - 1, 2, 3, and two interiors - 1, 2, the chancel, the startling organ, and the font. SK 541 348. All Dennis Harper (2014). Link1. Link2.

Hyson Green
Boulevard U.R.C.. SK 557 412. Michael Bourne. Link.
St. Mary (R.C.). SK 556 417. Michael Bourne.
The former St. Paul, now flats. SK 557 413. Michael Bourne. Link.
St. Stephen with St. Paul. SK 554 415. Michael Bourne. Link.

All Saints on Raleigh Street. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2014). Grade II listed.
All Souls (Church and Community Centre). Opened in 1980, it was preceded by an earlier church on the same site, with the same dedication. Its dates are 1894 - 1979. Two further views - 1, 2. SK 555 401. All Howard Richter (2011). Link. This link can be searched, and has several interior photos of the original church.

Sherwood and Sherwood Rise
Gurdwara Budha Baba Ji Sikh Temple, on Haydn Road. Richard Pykett (2017). Interior view. Both Richard Pykett (2016). Link.
Nottingham Liberal Synagogue on Lloyd Street. Another view. SK 574 428. Both Richard Pykett (2017). Link.
Nottingham Spiritualist Church on Hall Street. Richard Pykett (2017). Link.

Our Lady of Czestochowa (Polish Catholic), on Sherwood Rise. Aidan McRae Thomson. Link - in Polish, but lots of photos.
St. Martin on Trevose Gardens. Dedicated in 1937, it took until 1966 for the building to be completed. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Richard Pykett (2018). Link, which has a comprehensive history.
Sherwood Methodist Church on Devon Drive and Mansfield Road. It was opened in 1981, on the site of an earlier church opened in 1887. The stone cross shown here is from that earlier church. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Richard Pykett (2016). Link. A photo of the old church can be seen here.
Sherwood U.R.C. on Edwards Lane. This was built as Congregational in 1939, becoming U.R.C. at the merging of the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches in 1972. Another view. SK 57453 43321. Both Richard Pykett (2018). Link.





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