The Churches of Britain and Ireland

  Myton, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

Boulevard Baptist Church on Gordon Street. TA 078 282. James Murray.

Friends Meeting House on Bean Street. TA 082 285. Stuart Leadley (2011).

The former Holiness Church (1916) on Coltman Street is probably now used as premises for a tyre company. TA 083 283. James Murray.

Holy Apostles Church, Walker Street. Unusually the church is on the upper floor, with a community hall below. TA 089 284. James Murray.

Hull Ice House Citadel (Salvation Army). Built on the site of a pre-refrigeration ice house. The previous building was on Anlaby Road, now demolished. TA 089 285. James Murray.

International Christian Fellowship on Spring Bank. Although previously used as a furniture shop, the building was built as Swedenborgian. TA 085 295. James Murray. Stuart Leadley has advised (in 2011) that the "I.C.F." sign has been removed, and that the building may be empty.

Khedrupje Buddhist Centre on Coltman Street. A converted terrace house. Stuart Leadley (2011).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Hessle Road. Stuart Leadley (2011).

Living Hope Church on Linnaeus Street. TA 084 285. James Murray (2009).

Former Primitive Methodist Chapel, now known as City Temple, and last used by a theatrical group. The building is now considered "at risk". TA 083 278. James Murray. Stuart Leadley advises that a planning application for redevelopment was submitted in 2010. Grade II listed.

Primitive Methodist Continuing Church on Redbourne Street. TA 079 278. James Murray.

Redeemed Christian Church of God on Anlaby Road. TA 090 286. Stuart Leadley (2011).

St. Matthew on Anlaby Road and The Boulevard. TA 078 287. James Murray. Link.

St. Nikolaj, or The Danish Church, for Scandinavian seamen. TA 093 286. James Murray.

St. Wilfrid (R.C.) on The Boulevard replaced an earlier church destroyed by bombing in WWII. TA 079 280. James Murray.

St. Victor. TA 088 285. James Murray.

Selby Street Methodist Church. TA 076 285. James Murray.

Unitarian Church of 1976. Replaced a 19th century church on the same site. TA 087 293. James Murray.

The former Western Synagogue, now an office - difficult to photograph! TA 084 286. James Murray (2009).




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