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Mostyn, Flintshire

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The former Bethel Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist) now in residential use. Built 1824, re-built 1867, renovated in 1906, and closed 2000. Another view. SJ 152 801.  Both Carl Hogan (2014).

Christ Church (CiW, 1844). SJ 167 795. Carl Hogan. Link.

Hebron English Congregational Chapel (1873-1967). Now in use as Mostyn Masonic Hall. SJ 158 807. Carl Hogan (2014). Michaela Tinsley however, has advised (2015) that this was a school, and never used as a church.

Hebron U.R.C. (1965), built as a replacement for Hebron English Congregational Church (see above). Carl Hogan (2014).

The former Y-Cyssegr Chapel (1881). SJ 170 806. Carl Hogan (2010).





04 March 2023

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