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Market Drayton, Shropshire

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Cemetery Chapels, at SJ 6700 3433. Pre-dating the earliest available O.S. map of 1880-1890, whereon it is marked as Episcopal to the left of the spire, and Dissenters to the right. More recent maps are marked with Chapel to the left, and Mortuary to the right. There is an exemplary site plan, and the war graves include a number of Polish airmen. Both Martin Richter (2018).

A former chapel on Shropshire Street. According to this link, it was a Baptist Church of 1870, closing in 1955. Subsequently used as a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, its current use is not obvious, but is perhaps residential. SJ 6727 3397. Steve Bulman (2018).

The former Congregational Chapel (1778) on Church Street. SJ 6743 3398. Steve Bulman (2018).

The former Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel (1867) on Frogmore Road. Another view. A plaque gives a little history. A schoolroom of 1913 stands on the opposite side of the road. SJ 6740 3416. All Martin Richter (2018). An old photograph was available here, showing that the building had been much extended, but the link no longer works. Mike Heath has advised that Ranters Gullet led off from Cheshire Street at this spot (2023 Streetview). The nearest door marks what was originally the entrance to the passageway which led to the chapel. It's location was at circa SJ 6739 3428.

The former Independent Methodist Church (1885) on Shropshire Street. Steve Bulman (2018).

Methodist Church on Shrewsbury Road. It was built on the site of a Wesleyan Church, which in turn was the successor to the extant Wesleyan Chapel - see entry below). The previous church, built in 1864-6, was damaged in a storm in 1981. Demolition followed, and the present church built on the site, opening in 1985. SJ 6715 3395. Martin Richter (2018). Link, which includes a photo of the old church.

St. Mary on Church Street. SJ 676 341. Peter Morgan. This Victorian watercolour belonging to Geoff Upton was previously in the "Unknown" section. Phil Draper suggested St. Mary in Market Drayton. Compare with the photo here. And Janet Gimber has provided a link to a photo of the church in its surroundings - some of the buildings in the painting are still identifiable today, making the identification certain. Two further views - 1, 2, both Alan Blacklock (2010). Another view, and the remains of the churchyard cross, both Steve Bulman (2018). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Stephen Harding (circa 1886) on Great Hales Street. Two additional views - 1, 2. SJ 678 342. All Martin Richter (2018). Link (history, interior photos). Grade II listed.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Shrewsbury Road. A date-stone for 1807 (obviously not original) indicates that it's now used by M.D.A.O.D.S., which is the Market Drayton Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society. It served as a church until 1866 when a replacement was built opposite (now demolished), whereupon the old chapel was used as a Sunday School. This continued until 1985 when the new church was opened. SJ 6715 3395. Both Martin Richter (2018).






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