The Churches of Britain and Ireland

  Lymington, Hampshire

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All Saints at Woodside. SZ 325 945. Andrew Ross.

Baptist Church on New St., founded in 1688. SZ 324 955. Andrew Ross. Link.

Our Lady of Mercy and St. Joseph (R.C.), on High St. SZ 326 956. Andrew Ross. Another view. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

St. Mark at Pennington, on Ramley Road. SZ 309 950. Another view, from an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection.

St. Thomas the Apostle. SZ 321 954. Andrew Ross. Another view. Dave Westrap. Interior view. Graeme Harvey. Link1. Link2.

U.R.C. SZ 324 954. Dave Westrap.





21 June 2018

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