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Isle of Dogs, including Canary Wharf, Cubitt Town and Millwall, Greater London

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Christ Church on Manchester Road, Cubitt Town. TQ 3851 7856. Chris Kippin (2022). Link. Grade II* listed, wherein it's dated to 1852-4.

City of Peace Community Church meets in Canary Wharf College on East Ferry Road, Canary Wharf - seen here by Streetview in 2020. Circa TQ 3800 7856. Link.

St. Edmund (R.C.) on Westferry Road, Millwall. TQ 3733 7877. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

St. Luke, on Alpha Grove, Millwall. TQ 3729 7974. Chris Kippin (2022). Link.

The former St. Paul (Presbyterian, 1859) on Westferry Road, Millwall, is now The Space Arts Centre. TQ 3823 7884. Chris Kippin (2022). Grade II listed.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Alpha Grove, Millwall, is now a community centre. TQ 3731 7960. Chris Kippin (2022).

Zion City Church meets in St. John's Community Centre on Glengall Road, Cubitt Town - seen by Streetview in 2017. They also hold services in St. Luke's Church. Circa TQ 3809 7925. Link.





04 March 2023

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