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Bridgend, St. Columba (Episcopal) is also known locally as the Red Church. This source dates its consecration to 1888, and that the congregation moved to worship in the Church of the Good Shepherd (see the Bowmore page) from 1931, when their own church was structurally deteriorating. NR 3372 6192. Martin Briscoe. Its Canmore entry has more photos, and it says that it was also known as Killarow And Kilmeny Free Church. Skerrols Free Church was seen by Streetview in 2021 here and here. NR 3532 6357.

Kilchiaran, the ruined chapel. Martin Briscoe.
Kilchoman, the church (ruin). Martin Briscoe.

Port Askaig, Keills Chapel (ruin). Martin Briscoe.
Port Charlotte, St. Kiaran, the parish church for Kilchoman. Free Church, now the Museum of Islay Life. Both Martin Briscoe.
Port Ellen.
Portnahaven, the Parish Church. James Napier advises that this church sits on a single track road, and almost at its end, with Port Wemyss just a little further on. "It is most unusual," he says "if not unique in a church of this size to have 2 doors. Why? One for the Portnahaven folk who come from one direction and one for the Port Weymss folk who come the other way!
". The Old Free Church. Both Martin Briscoe.




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