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Iona, Argyll & Bute

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Former church near the ferry landing stage, now a private residence. NM 285 238. Peter Amsden (2009). Howard Richter advises that this shows on 19th century maps as Free Church of Scotland. It was no longer in use by the time of the 1975-6 map.

Iona Abbey. Steve Bulman. An interior view. Dave Horton. Another view, Peter Amsden (2009).
Another view of the Abbey. The cloisters. Interior view. The tomb of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll. All Bill McKenzie. NM 287 245. Link. An old postcard showing "The Tombs of the Kings", from Paul E. Barnett's Collection.

Iona Parish Church. Bill McKenzie. Link.

The ruins of the Nunnery. Dave Horton. Another view of the Nunnery. Bill McKenzie.

St. Mary's Chapel. Interior view. Both Bill McKenzie.




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