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Forest Hill, Greater London

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Balm of Gilead Healing Centre on Stanstead Road opened in 2001. Janet Gimber advises that it was originally Primitive Methodist, then Methodist. Gerard Doherty (2011). Link.

Camberwell New Cemetery Crematorium, Brenchley Gardens (1927). Another view. Both Gerard Doherty (2010). Link.

The former Christ Church (1854 - 1988) on Church Rise, now "The Apostles" apartments. Gerard Doherty (2011).

House of Favour on Sunderland Road opened in 2010. Gerard Doherty (2011). Link.

Living Springs International Church on Devonshire Road. Gerard Doherty (2011). Link.

St. Augustine (CoE, 1874), Honor Oak Park. Gerard advises that the building is currently (2011) being renovated with Lottery Heritage Fund money. Gerard Doherty (2011). Link1. Link2.

St. Saviour on Brockley Rise - consecrated 1905, and re-consecrated after extensions in 1964. Gerard Doherty (2011). Link.

St. William of York (R.C.) on Brockley Park. Gerard Doherty (2011). Link.





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