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Folkestone, Kent

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Cheriton Full Gospel Church, photographed in 1993. Alan Taylor.

The remains of Christ Church on Sandgate Road and Christ Church Road. Previously in the Unknown section, Mike Jones was asking for the identification of a church in an old postcard. It took quite a few years to be identified (thanks here to John R. Parker), not least because what remains of the church today bears no resemblance to the building in the postcard. The original church had a tower added after the postcard photo was taken, and the body of the church later demolished (following WWII bomb damage), leaving only the tower. Its history (with photos) can be seen here. TR 2238 3572. Grade II listed.

Holy Trinity (1868) on Sandgate Road. TR 2194 3561. John Balaam (2018). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Mary & St. Eanswythe on Church Street. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. The following postcards are all from John Bowdler's Collection - another view, posted in 1903, another posted in 1909, and an interior view. A 2020 news story regarding the re-discovery of St. Eanswythe's bones. TR 2295 3586. Link.






04 March 2023

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