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Fleetwood, Lancashire

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Emmanuel Church, on Elm Street and Warrenhurst Road. SD 3322 4755. Tom Halstead. The photo was added to the website in 2007, since when the church appears to have been closed, as the church website now lists two different venues, the former Mount Methodist Church (see the next entry), and Emmanuel West, which meets in the Rossall Tavern on Larkholme Parade (2022 Streetview).

First National Spiritualist Church stands on Oak Street, at SD 3311 4759. It was seen by Streetview in 2022. Link.

Fleetwood Mount Methodist Church, on Mount Road. SD 3328 4809. Tom Halstead. No longer Methodist (see the entry above).

St. David, Fleetwood Road. Tom Halstead.

St. Edmund of Canterbury (R.C.) on Melbourne Avenue. Tom Halstead.

St. Margaret's Mission Church used to stand at the junction of Blakiston Street and Walmsley Street, at SD 3339 4789. It's dated here to 1893, and it had been demolished and replaced by a residential building (St. Margaret's Court) before 2009 when the first visit of the Streetview van photographed it. A 1927 photo of the church can be seen here.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Lord Street. Tom Halstead. Link.

St. Nicholas, on Broadway. Tom Halstead. Link1. Link2.

St. Paul (Free Church of England), on Darbishire Road. Tom Halstead.

St. Peter on Lord Street. Tom Halstead. Link.

St. Wulstan (R.C.), on Poulton Road. Tom Halstead. The old St. Wulstan stands next door. Alan Blacklock (2010).

Trinity Baptist Church (2022 Streetview) is on Poulton Road and Dronsfield Road. The church is also home to the local Fishermen's Mission. SD 3275 4760.

Trinity Methodist Church on Fleetwood Road. Tom Halstead.

U.R.C. on Agnew Road. Tom Halstead.

The former Wesleyan Church (opened 1899) on North Church Street. This photo was published in a Guide to Fleetwood and District in 1901 by the Fleetwood Chronicle. A line of stonework is all that visibly remains of this church, though more may perhaps remain under render. The first chapel on the site opened in 1847, and enlarged in 1874-5. Both Tom Halstead.






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