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  Falls, Belfast

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Adoration Chapel (R.C.). on Falls Road. J 322 741. Gerard Close (2011).

The former Broadway Presbyterian Church on the Falls Road - now the HQ of Belfast's Irish Language community. J 371 734. Gerard Close.

The Catholic Church at St Dominic's Grammar School on Falls Road. J 320 737. Gerard Close (2013).

Church of the Most Holy Redeemer (R.C.) on Clonard Street. Known locally as Clonard Monastery. J 320 742. Gerard Close.

City Life Centre (New Life City Church) on Northumberland Street. J 326 744. Gerard Close (2011).

The former Falls Road Methodist Church, designed by Sir Charles Lanyon, opened in 1854, and closed in 1966. After demolition, Divis Tower was built on the site. Photo kindly supplied by Sidney McDowell. Link.

Roman Catholic Church at St. Mary's Universtity College on Falls Road. J 318 735. Gerard Close (2013).

St. John the Evangelist (R.C.) on Falls Road. J 312 730. Gerard Close.

St. Paul (R.C.) on Falls Road and Cavendish Street. J 320 738. Gerard Close.

St. Peter's Cathedral (R.C.), on St. Peter's Square. J 328 742. Gerard Close. Link.

Springfield Road Methodist Church. J 312 745. Gerard Close.

Townsend Street Presbyterian Church (1868). J 331 745. Gerard Close (2011).










17 February 2018

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