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Evesham, Worcestershire

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All Saints, Graeme Harvey. Another view, the interior, the chancel, and an attractive modern statue, all Peter Morgan (2017). Grade I listed.

The former Workhouse Chapel (1880, by Frederick Preedy) in the grounds of Evesham hospital. Now in use as a pharmacy. My appreciation to Janet Gimber for the identification. Steve Bulman.

Chapels (former?) in the cemetery. Steve Bulman.

Christadelphian Meeting Room on Vine Court. Janet Gimber (2012). Link.

Elim Christian Centre. Graeme Harvey.

Evesham Abbey, the belltower. Steve Bulman. An old print Colin Waters' Collection. And an old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.

Methodist Church. Steve Bulman. Another view. John French. Link.

Oat Street Chapel (Unitarian). Graeme Harvey.

St. Andrew at Hampton. Aidan McRae Thomson. Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Lawrence is redundant, and is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. It lies just a few yards from All Saints. Steve Bulman. Another view, Aidan McRae Thomson. Two interior views - 1, 2 - and a photo of a plaque giving some church history. All John French. The church has two fonts, this one is in the South Chapel. Janet Gimber (2012). Two more interiors - 1, 2, both Peter Morgan (2017). Grade II* listed.

St. Mary and St. Egwin (R.C.). Aidan McRae Thomson.

St. Peter - all that survives of the medieval church is the porch. Steve Bulman. Grade II listed.

St. Peter at Bengeworth, Steve Bulman. Interior view, Aidan McRae Thomson.

Vale of Evesham Christian Centre on Bewdley Street. Janet Gimber (2012). Link.




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