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Eglwysbach, Conwy

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Capel Bethania (Calvinistic Methodist) stands at SH 8038 7034. Its Coflein entry advises that it was built in 1884, and a dates-tone to that effect can be seen in the 2011 Streetview, in the apex of the gable.

Capel  Ebenezer (Wesleyan Methodist). The Coflein entry for it says it was originally built in 1808, and after numerous enlargements and modifications, re-built in 1894. SH 8041 7042. The 2009 Streetview shows the chapel, with (nearest to the camera) a schoolroom which was added in 1894.

Capel Gosen (Calvinistic Methodist) stands in isolation some 2 miles south-east of the village at SH 8273 6695. The Coflein entry (with numerous photos) dates it to 1898, and it can be seen on a Streetview of the 2009 vintage here.

The former Capel Nebo (Wesleyan Methodist) stands about two miles east-north-east of the village at SH 8316 7124. According to the Coflein entry, the original chapel of 1840 was re-built in 1889, and in residential use "by 1995". The Streetview van passed by in 2011, and the building (closest to the camera, and not looking at all chapel-like) can be seen here.

The former Capel Pwllterfyn (Calvinistic Methodist, now in residential use) is another isolated building, this one about a mile south-south-west of the village. SH 7965 6802. The Coflein entry for it says it was "built as a conversion in 1814", and it had been converted "by 1997". A 2011 Streetview is available here - the former chapel is from the porch heading away from the camera.

St. Martin. On the site of a medieval church, the present building dates from a re-build in 1782. SH 8032 7052. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. Link. Coflein entry. The grade II listing includes several photos, including the interior. A sun-dial in the churchyard is separately listed, also as Grade II (the listing has a photo).





17 March 2023

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