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Edinburgh: South Side

Buccleugh and Greyfriars Free Church on West Crosscauseway. Steve Bulman (2005). Link.

The former Buccleugh Parish Church on Chapel Street, now used for storage by the University. Built 1756, re-built 1866. Steve Bulman (2005). Another view, Janet Gimber (2012). Link1. Link2.

City of Edinburgh Methodist Church (1816) on Nicolson Square. Steve Bulman (2005). Link. Grade A listed.

All that remains of Edinburgh Congress Hall (Salvation Army) on Nicolson Street is the doorway. Built originally in 1903 as a theatre, it was later a cinema, and from 1930 was home to the Army. Rob Kinnon-Brettle. Link.

King Fahd Mosque and Islamic Centre of Edinburgh, or Central Mosque on Potterrow. Janet Gimber (2012). Link.

King's Hall was originally Liberton and Newington Free Church of Scotland (1843).  Steve Bulman (2005).

Kirk o' Field (CoS) on Pleasance. Built as Charteris Memorial Church (1910-12). Janet Gimber (2012). Link.

The former Lady Glenorchy's Parish Church on Roxburgh Place. The date-stone has founded in 1774, and re-built in 1909. Pevsner makes no mention of an earlier building, and cites the dates 1908-10, with additions in 1910-12. The building has been the Roxy Art House, but is apparently now disused. This link, mainly about the closure of the Roxy, also has the contradictory date of 1809 for the building. Janet Gimber (2012).

Life Church (apostolic) on West Richmond Street. Janet Gimber (2012). Link.

Queen's Hall, the former Hope Park Chapel of Ease. Steve Bulman (2005).

The former St. Michael's Episcopal Church on Hill Square, now in use by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. It had been a Free Church until 1888. Janet advises that this is also known as Symposium Hall. Another view. Both Janet Gimber (2012).

St. Peter (Episcopal) on Lutton Place. Steve Bulman (2005). Link.

Salvation Army Worship and Community Centre on East Adam Street. Janet Gimber (2012). Another view, Rob Brettle. Link.

This Community Centre (identified as such by Jean Walker) on Nicolson Street shows on an 1854 map as United Presbyterian Church. By 1908 it has become a United Free Church. This link also lists the additional alternative names of Nicolson Street Church, Dr Jamieson's Chapel, and Dr Jameson's Meeting House. My appreciation to Janet Gimber for the historical notes. Steve Bulman (2005). Grade B listed.





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