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Edinburgh: First New Town

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The former Catholic Apostolic Church, now the Mansfield Traquair Centre. Aidan McRae Thomson.

Charlotte Baptist Chapel stands on Rose Street, and dates from 1912, when it replaced an earlier building on the same site. NT 248 737. Steve Bulman (2013). Link (which includes a photo of the old church).

St. Andrew's & St. George's West (1782-7, as St. Andrew, CoS) on George Street. Steve Bulman. Recently refurbished, the interior is delightful - two views - 1, 2. Both Steve Bulman (2015).

St. Cuthbert. Steve Bulman. Another view, with St. John's Episcopal in the background. Bill Henderson.

The former St. George (1811-14) on Charlotte Square. Was re-modelled to serve as West Register House in 1964-70. Two more views - 1, 2, NT 2460 7382. All Steve Bulman (2013 and 2022). Grade A listed.

St. John (Episcopal). Steve Bulman. Another view. Bill Henderson. Interior view. Aidan McRae Thomson.

St. Mary's Cathedral (Episcopal) on Palmerston Place. By G. G. Scott, building commenced in 1874, and wasn't completed until 1917. Steve Bulman (2015). Interior view. Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

St. Mary's Cathedral (R.C.) on Broughton Street. Steve Bulman. Another view, and an information board, which gives a little history, both Janet Gimber (2012). Link.

St. Paul & St. George (Episcopal) on York Place. Steve Bulman. Another view, Janet Gimber (2012). Another view. Steve Bulman (2015). What to say about the interior? My edition of The Buildings of Scotland - Edinburgh, of the 1984 vintage, is very complementary of the interior. What a pity that so little of it can be seen now. When were these alterations made, and who allowed it? A huge bank of cinema-like seating has been added, obscuring the West end. Across the choir is a huge screen (which may have been retractable, but was in place when I was there) which blocks any view of the East end from the nave. The East end is seen here from directly below the screen. I appreciate that churches need to continually evolve to meet the needs of the local community, but was this really the best that could be done? Both Steve Bulman (2015). Link. Grade A listed.




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