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Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent                                   

Ebbw Vale on Wikipedia.

All Saints (R.C.) on Tredegar Road. Gerard Charmley (2011). Link.

The former Bethania Presbyterian Church of Wales (1870). A close-up of the plaque above the central window. I'm grateful to Morris Kenneth for providing a translation as follows - "Ebbw Vale Male Choir Singing Centre 1870". Both Gerard Charmley (2011).

Christ Church. Another view. Both Gerard Charmley (2011).

Libanus Congregational Church. Gerard Charmley (2011).

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church. Gerard Charmley (2011).

The derelict Mount Zion Church. Gerard Charmley (2011).

The former Penuel Calvinistic Methodist Church (1865), now used by the Scouts. Gerard Charmley (2011).

Presbyterian Church at Hill Top. Gerard Charmley (2011).

St. James' Methodist Church. Gerard Charmley (2011).

St. John the Baptist (CiW) on Libanus Road. Gerard Charmley (2011).

West End Congregational Church. Gerard Charmley (2011).

Zion Baptist Church at Briery Hill. Gerard Charmley (2011).




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