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    Eastwood, Nottinghamshire

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Baptist Church on Percy Street. A Baptist Church on the site pre-dates a map of 1884-5. Whether it survives behind the later frontage is so far uncertain. SK 4714 4694. David Regan (2021). Link.

Baptist Church (1828) at Newthorpe. SK 4820 4637. David Regan (2021). The church website has a comprehensive history here.

The site (a supermarket) of the demolished Congregational Chapel of 1886 on Nottingham Road, the church attended by the young D.H. Laurence. A photo of it can be found here, here, and the interior here. SK 4669 4698. David Regan (2021).

The former Hilltop Methodist New Connexion Chapel, now in commercial use. It stands at the junction of Chewton Street and Nottingham Road. The National Archives references documents pertaining to the chapel for the years 1886-1965, but the chapel existed before 1886 as it is shown on a map of 1878.  SK 4738 4660. David Regan (2021).

The former Mission Church (1886) on Brookhill Leys Road. Originally a CoE Mission, this source says that after closure (date not specified), it went into commercial use, before becoming a church again in 2003. However, David suspected it was residential at the time of his visit. SK 4625 4613. David Regan (2021).

Our Lady of Good Counsel (R.C) on Nottingham Road. It's dated here to the late 19th century - it certainly pre-dates a map of 1899. SK 4756 4645. David Regan (2021). The church website has an interior view (scroll down).

A Primitive Methodist Chapel once stood on Wellington Street, at SK 4674 4708. The site, as seen by Streetview in 2021, includes the open area behind the trees, plus some of the housing to either side. A photo of the chapel can be seen here. It pre-dates a map of 1880, and survived until at least the late 1960's. Link.

St. Mary, of which only the tower and peal of bells survives from the original building, the rest having been destroyed in a fire in the 1960's. SK 4654 4682. Bill Saxton. The following photos are all also Bill Saxton, but the cousin of the previous Bill. The line of the roof can be seen here, on the tower. The re-built church is wholly out of keeping with the fine tower - what were the authorities thinking? Two older illustrations of the church (from before the fire) - 1, 2, both from Bill Saxton's Collection.

Shekinah Shur Ministries on Dovecote Road and Mill Road, Newthorpe, is a former Primitive Methodist Chapel. The building shows on a map of 1878, though it isn't labelled. SK 4786 4692. David Regan (2021). Link.

Spiritualist Church on Edward Road. Circa SK David Regan (2021). Link.

U.R.C. on Alexandra Street, evidently a converted house. The church website shows the modern extension at the rear. Maps suggest its current usage dates from the later 1970's or early 1980's. SK 4672 4687. David Regan (2021).

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Victoria Street, converted into flats. SK 4657 4705. David Regan (2021).




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