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Dorchester, Dorset

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Churches in Fordington.

Acland Road Evangelical Church. SY 6936 9055. Graeme Harvey. Since Graeme took his photo, it has been re-named as Dorchester Community Church, as seen in a Streetview of 2018. Link.

All Saints (disused), on High Street is at least the third church on the site. It dates from 1843-5. SY 6935 9073. Les Needham. Link. Grade II* listed.

The Baptist Church stands at the junction of Albert Road and the B3150. SY 6890 9065. Paul E. Barnett (2021). Link.

Catholic Church of Holy Trinity on High West Street. Its grade II listing dates it to 1875-6, and says it was initially Anglican. The church website history page dates its change of ownership to 1976. SY 6918 9074. Roger Hopkins. Interior view, Graeme Harvey. Link.

A distant view of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Weymouth Road. SY 6843 8920. Paul E. Barnett (2021). When Streetview passed by in 2009, the trees were leafless, providing a wider view. For an earlier Kingdom Hall, see Fordington below.

The former Our Lady Queen of Martyrs (R.C.) on High West Street, though this isn't the building's original location. According to Pevsner, it was built as St. Michael in 1889 at Westport, Wareham, and re-built in Dorchester in 1906-7. Now a Tutankhamen exhibition. SY 6906 9070. Steve Bulman (2010).

St. Mary the Virgin (1910) on Edward Road and Alexandra Road, as seen by Streetview in 2014. Another Streetview from 2009. SY 6875 9007. Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Peter and All Saints on High Street. SY 6925 9075. Les Needham. Another view, Graeme Harvey, and another, Roger Hopkins, and another Paul E. Barnett (2021). Link1. Link2. Grade I listed.

Salvation Army on Durngate Street, Graeme Harvey. On its latest Streetview (2018) it's a health club. Looking at its sequence of Streetviews, it ceased as a Salvation Army building in 2009-11. It was originally a Primitive Methodist Chapel which this source dates to 1875, becoming S.A. in 1932. Grade II listed.

The Storehouse Church (Pentecostal) is on Cambridge Road, and was seen by Streetview in 2016. SY 6854 9016. Link.

United Church (Methodist and U.R.C.) on South Street. Older maps label it as Congregational. SY 6924 9041. Graeme Harvey.

Fordington Methodist Church on Kings Road and Little Britain. A 25" O.S. map of 1892-1914 labels it as Mission Chap. (Wes.). A 2012 document mentions its impending closure. SY 7001 9044. Graeme Harvey.
A Friends' Meeting House stands on Holloway Road, and can be seen on a Streetview from 2011. SY 6980 9067. Link.
A former Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses stands on High Street, at SY 6953 9074. It can be seen on a Streetview from 2011, when it was a teddy bear museum (as it remains today). Grade II listed.
St. George. SY 6984 9056. Les Needham. Another view, and the interior, both Roger Hopkins, and another, June Norris. Link. Grade I listed.





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